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Madden NFL 11 is only days away. The review, only one day away. However, it seems EA doesn’t think female football fans feed themselves. How can one resist the sweet temptation of the Philadelphia cheesesteak? I know I can’t – I grew up on that stuff.

All joking aside, the week has been good to us, and hopefully you as well. Were there enough goodies for your eyes to gaze upon? Well, if you missed anything, join me as I give you a healthy serving of the week that was.

Didn’t you notice? Gamer Limit is running the uber-elite WordPress version 3.0! It’s pretty huh? Oh, you don’t see the difference? Fine, be that way. But just know it is there doing whatever it is it does. Voodoo magic probably.

Anyhow, WordPress version 3.0 has brought with it some very useful backend features for us to enjoy but also a hefty amount of work for our coding guru and site owner Colin to work on. Among this work is fixing the sidebar which helps organize everything from reviews to the beloved community blogs. Please bear with us as we work on bringing the latest community blogs back to the front page. Once that occurs, everyone can get back to blogging!

Everyone loves Harry Potter right? Everyone loves LEGOs right? The two get together, have a baby, and bam: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4.

Is your computer not good enough for the latest games? Still want to play PC games? Well, OnLive may be what you are looking for. The subscription fee on the other hand, maybe not.

Castlevania, in HD!? And with co-op!? How could that go wrong?

Everyone likes something free right? Well, thank Alex for making free games easier to find.

There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to obtain the unobtainable. Why must retailers make it so difficult to get everything we want in a game? And all in the name of pre-orders? C’mon. Stop it!

Can a downloadable game win game of the year? Well, can it?

We all love a good open-world game. But deep down, there is something fundamentally wrong with them.

Too lazy to read the OnLive review? That’s cool, I am all about videos too.

Game Night this week was an absolute blast. Miss it? Well, please make sure to join us this week. Feel free to watch the fun we had though.

Well that is the week that was. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Below are a couple of things to expect for the week that will be.

  • Madden NFL 11 review
  • StarCraft 2 review
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift review
  • StarCraft II and the Reviewer/Critic Problem
  • Retrospective: Driver: You are the Wheelman
  • I’d Buy That For a Dollar: iPhone Recommendations
  • Environmentalism in Games
  • Stop It feature
  • We Need To Talk feature
  • Game Night

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