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Man, remember back in the day when Ron Gilbert and Hothead Games released that game DeathSpank? If my foggy memory of those long-long-ago times serves me right, we here at Gamer Limit even reviewed the game. Boy, those sure were the days, but they’re long forgotten now. The world has moved on in the, you know, month since all that happened.

But do not despair! Hothead Games is bringing it all back! DeathSpank, the long-forgotten hero, is making a triumphant return just when we all had forgotten completely about him!

All right, now that the “boy this sure is happening soon” joke has been beat like a dead unicorn, we can focus on the goods: a DeathSpank sequel, entitled DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, is coming on September 21st for PSN and September 22nd for XBLA. Did I mention how ridiculously soon this is happening?

If you read my review, you’ll know that I liked but didn’t love DeathSpank. And if the press release is any indication, I’ll probably like but not love this one, as it sounds remarkably similar. In a classic phallus reference, Hothead has stated that they’ve ensured that this entry is “bigger, longer, [and] harder,” with new enemies, environments, weapons, and probably dick jokes.

The game will also include local co-op (sounds like there’s no online), allowing players to choose either Sparkles the Wizard or the ninja Steve. Oh, Steve. What will you get yourself into next?

So, do want? I still can’t get over the fact that this is coming so soon after the release of the first game, and with relatively little time between today’s announcement and the release date. Honestly, I’m not sure that I want to go through another DeathSpank game, even if I’ve got a Sparkles or a Steve to play through it with me. I’m not sure “bigger, longer, and harder” is quite enough for me, especially since it’s another $14.99 / 1200 MSP game. We’ll find out soon enough!

  1. I loved the first game. I can’t wait!

  2. Talk about spanking a dead horse.

  3. I have trouble keeping track of these things so it may just be me but uh…. isn’t this a little soon for a sequel? ;p

    In a way it is nice for me though, I was thinking about trying the original when I had the time but now why bother? I will just wait for this one.

  4. avatar A.W.

    mmm, there are many thoughts brought up by thongs, but none of them are virtuous.

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