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["Stop It" is a weekly feature which serves as a forum for me to express my opinions on things in the video game industry or community that need to stop. Despite the fact these things may never stop, this will, at the least, fuel discussion. Got something to say? Hit up the comments and keep the discussion alive. Got a lot to say? Register for a Gamer Limit blog and write a response.]

The video game community is full of a bunch of whining babies. I am one at times, I will absolutely admit that. After all, isn’t this feature just me whining like a baby? Oh no, what will you have to comment about now that I already beat you to the punch? Something constructive maybe? Probably asking too much, nevermind.

Anyhow, while these members of the community are full of a number of annoying idiosyncrasies, the one that I wish to discuss this week is purchasing a game without enough knowledge of what it will provide and then bitching about said game. You’re being stupid. Stop it!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than sitting down with that one game you have been waiting for and feeling cheated or left unsatisfied. We are so quick to point fingers at this point and attempt to make ourselves feel better by doing what any child would do: bitch and moan. You might just want to think about who you are pointing fingers at next time. Odds are, you are at fault.

One game that immediately comes to mind is Brutal Legend. Brutal Legend showed a lot of potential at first, as it attempted to hide what the true underpinnings of the game involved. While I will admit that the demo was a bit misleading, the information was more than available to any person thinking about purchasing the game. It was a game built around real-time strategy, and for those that didn’t know that at first, for shame.

So, people went and purchased the game without all of the information that one should hold when making any purchase. Immediately there was outrage. “WTF. OMG. This game is an RTS!”

For you, I feel zero sympathy. None. Zilch. What is your response to that? “Sorry if I have no life like you and don’t read all about games all day long lol get a life.”

Sorry misinformed consumer, you shouldn’t be paying $60 of your (hopefully) well earned money without all of the facts. I truly don’t understand why this seems to happen more often in games than any other medium. Maybe it is because it is one of the more expensive entertainment habits in comparison to books and movies? I truly don’t know, nor do I care enough to justify such behavior. Instead, I simply say stop it!

More recently, Madden NFL 11 was released and caused a huge uproar as to the fact that it didn’t provide any new or improved game modes outside of Online Team Play. Being the Madden nut that I am I have read hundreds of comments and forum posts from those that love and hate the game. However, as many of you know, the whiners are the most vocal.

Out of all of these negative comments and posts I read, a lot were these so-called “hardcore fans” of the franchise that plan to return the game because reason X or reason Y. Instead of embracing the innovative changes in the game, these people felt it necessary to whine about things that are clearly mentioned in reviews. If these people were in fact “hardcore fans”, wouldn’t they have made the effort to seek out this information? No, of course not, because that would only be logical.

There really is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Never have complete trust in your beloved franchise or that game that got a ton of hype. Instead, walk into a store with all of the facts. Read reviews from reviewers that align with your view on games. Or even wait a week and allow those that you trust in the community to voice their opinion. The internet, while full of complete morons at times, is a useful tool that should be used not to just bitch and moan, but to gather information to make that important step towards informed consumer.

This bitching won’t stop. Honestly, I don’t want it to. I get a sick enjoyment out of your idiotic misfortune. So if you are dismissive and simply reading the first and last paragraphs or even just the headline, odds are you will continue this atrocious behavior. And knowing that I can only smile and move on.

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    Games are a waaaayy too expensive commodity to rush out and buy without doing research beforehand. It’s gotten to the point where I end up waiting at least a few months after the big release comes out before I even think of getting it.

    That allows the hype to wear off, maybe some more in-depth reviews to emerge, and more importantly the price to go down.

  2. I’ve been hit by the hype train a few time in my career of as a gamer. I have to say I’m pretty proud to never have bitched about it (at least online. My brother hears about all the shit games I play). Anyway, the last over-hyped game I succumbed to The Darkness (which really wasn’t that bad of a game. Just not what I was looking for). I ran out and picked it up first day without really doing any research. Needless to say, I now do my homework before dropping $60 on something.

  3. avatar Rob

    Ame to this. The information is out there for all these games if you’re willing to wait and check into things and not buy something on the day it is released.

    The other thing that gets me is that people will play a demo of a game and complain about that, and then go out and buy the game when it is released two weeks later expecting something to be different…and of course they complain then too. You bring up Madden, and that’s a good example of this.

  4. I learned long ago, the ways of anti-conformists. As a result I have a tendency of avoiding anything that comes packed in a hype train. Prototype is the only game I bought out of ignorance, which I pre-ordered for the neat figurine :D (I have an affinity for those little things).

    You forgot to mention the type of gamers who make terrible purchasing decisions but attempt to justify their mistake by defending the title against all logic. I cringe at the fact that someone liked Shadow the Hedgehog.

    • I was going to attempt to bundle those gamers in this article too Ferahtsu but figured the material here was enough and that would be another stop it topic I can cover down the road :)

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