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Some of you guys may remember the  time before World of Warcraft, when the hottest MMO on the block was EverQuest. Well, in an attempt to reclaim the throne of king MMO, Sony Online Entertainment announced the newest installment in its EverQuest franchise.

Currently referred to as EverQuest Next (I can’t imagine this name sicking), the new MMO is said to be more of a “reboot” rather than a sequel. Apparently, in hopes of furthering the idea of a “reboot,” Everquest Next will feature a new “distinctive” art style.

According to SOE president John Smedley: “We want to make something that still keeps the flavour of the original and the lore and the core tenets of it, but we want to make something that is truly next generation. We want EverQuest players and EverQuest 2 players to feel like they’re at home, but a new home, one that’s really awesome.”

What do you guys think about this? Do you think EverQuest Next could topple the colossus that is WoW? Are there any die hard EQ fans out there? If so, what are some of your fondest EQ memories?


  1. They need to update the gameplay, not just the graphics. Honestly if that is an official screen of the game it looks sort of like fable meets WoW.

    Is it teh WoW Killah?!?! Unlikely. But I am sure they will be able to carve out some kind of market for themselves.

  2. avatar TheCritic

    We want EverQuest players and EverQuest 2 players to feel like they’re at home, but a new home, one that’s really awesome.

    Well I want a pony that shits out pounds of gold but we don’t always get what we want now do we SOE president? Seriously thought the fact that this is the best statement the president of SOE can muster doesn’t really generate a great deal of hope for the “reboot”. Right now it sounds like the marketing department is at the helm since they want new players but don’t want to take any risks (which might result in losing players) with the game. Unless they can nail down exactly what they want to do to make this a “reboot” of the series I think you will likely see a slightly updated graphics engine slapped onto the gameplay of old. Will it kill WoW? No but some players may change over to the game or at least buy it to try it out before slowly returning to Wow.

  3. avatar Stewe

    Best news ever have waited since launch of EQ2 for this.
    Hope they also include my favourit places like Castle Mistmoore, Unrest, Plane of Hate / Fear / Sky

  4. avatar winkosmosis

    I hope it has an artistic style similar to the original Everquest… I think of it as “fantasy art”. NOT like EQ2 which tried to look realistic, and not like WoW which is cartoony

  5. avatar Sailcat

    MMOs need to be more challenging, otherwise they get boring fast (read Rift). Its like a superhero with no weaknesses.

    What made the original (pre expansion) EQ so great was the challenge of the world and consequence of failure, almost as if the world itself was a monster itself. I can’t tell you how many times I got lost and killed trying to find Orc Hill.

  6. avatar Minhoux

    They will never be able to reboot EQ because for most part they never understood why it was so successful.

    When I reached lvl 60 on EQ I knew basically all the players on the server, well few hundreds of them. Because grouping in EQ previous to PoP was mandatory. It was more about grinding then chain questing. Leveling was slower so you had chance to share camp with a bunch of different people before moving on. Grouping was making it special. And possible wipes had you been careful at what you were doing.

    EQ went a long time without xp curve lowering. (not to talk about those hell levels) The experience curve was going down has more people were selling higher level stuff in EC trade chat (epic memories). When high ends guild moved were working on high end bosses, they sold the gear they had for there first kill to lowbies, increasing the power of lowbies… And so on…

    We had raids of 72 but bringing more then that, so if a trash in not needed it is given to non-core member. When new high end stuff drop the main tank take it and hand out its old stuff to the second tank. Raids were rewarding for a lot of people and even outside the guild since the equipment could have been sold on the market. This dynamic allowed us to not let aside guild member during a raid, gear up newer/more casual players, train those players… those players that will becomes our future core raid member. In WoW, when a core raid player leave or is away for a time, it is a pain to replace.

    4 things that made EQ special to me that I never found anywhere else:
    - Grouping (almost mandatory since it gave so much more XP and rewards)
    - Slow grinding (along with grouping you meet a tons of players)
    - Economic (So new player can get cheap really god gear, making it pretty easy to catch up the current average of a server)
    - Non limited raid members, so we did not have to let asside guild members.

    If EQ Next take back those elements, it could gain and retain its old player. Add to it a UI for market between people that make sense (both side of the market seller (as usual) but buyers) to avoid tier part to play the market for profit, since player exchanges plays a bigger role.

    It is not a game for everyone like WoW wants to be (a game mainly for casual non-skilled requirement, non-time requirement game)

  7. avatar Veldargk

    Ahhh, the days of camping the ledge in BlackBurrow. Something I will never forget. I can remember the first time I ran to Highpass Hold with only a torch to light the road and no nightvision. I was smashed by hill giants and high level mobs I’d never seen before.

    Camping that PGT? Epic. Minhoux has it right.

    I’m in for EQ next as long as it doesn’t take on any WoW aspects, especially the easy factor. Being next gen doesn’t entail making it easy or instantly gratifying for a 10 year old to play. Which is where WoW succeeded.

    End of discussion.

  8. avatar yom

    Let’s Hope that SOE plans the game for the Mac OS market.

    I’m an old player of EQ1 and had a wonderful time there, I don’t regret anything from this time since it was great fun.
    But now I’m not on Windows anymore, and that there was an “EverQuest on Mac” on which I also played, I’d really regret not being able to play such a game on my current plateform.
    I beg SOE for they make it available on Mac OS plateform.

  9. avatar Arturo

    I’ve heard via Feldon’s place that they literally used a radnom script to generate the loot for Velious, and they still somehow made large numbers of items with stats no one wants. In fairness, they do have 24 classes to itemize, and Beastlords won’t make it easier by equipping Brawler (Fighter) gear even though they want Scout stats. Guess this is why pilfering WoW’s item reforging system was such a high priority, as least players know what stats we need. Also, I wonder whether the lower level re-itemization pass will include flagging all the quest rewards in the game as legendary , which they did in DOV to ensure that non-subscribing EQ2X players need to pay by the item to equip them. If so, I hope they offer the option to disable spamming /guild, it’s frankly embarassing to ping a shared channel with stuff that’s so trivial.

  10. avatar Epifania

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