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Believe it or not, Sega has been listening to fans. Sonic 4 alone is proof of that. However, Sega is not just leaving it at that. Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic blue hedgehog is also making an appearance in an all new three dimensional adventure as well – Sonic Colors.

While that may sound like bad news, producer Takashi Iizuka is here to assure us that fans will not be disappointed with Sonic Colors and that this title will break the dreaded Sonic Cycle. Iizuka’s words, a brand-new gameplay trailer and the final box art await you after the jump.

Sonic Colors‘ gameplay looks extremely similar to that of the day time levels of Sonic Unleashed. While that title received mixed reviews it seems that Sonic Colors is attempting to address the concerns of Unleashed‘s critics.

When Iizuka asked if Sonic Colors was a reaction to the criticism that Sonic Unleashed Iizuka replied:

“Yes. The team deliberately looked into the daylight stages of Sonic Unleashed. After the release of that game the team had a lot of good feedback, particularly of the daylight stages. That’s how the project initially started – focusing on the good side of the previous project”.

That may sound all well and good, but Sega has developed a little bit of a reputation for consistently building high expectations and then letting audiences down come release date. Despite this, Iizuka seems confident that Sonic Colors will break that cycle.

“For this title in particular, the team is confident that this is a game everybody can really enjoy. That’s why we’ve offered a lot of hands-on for E3, and on this occasion as well. It’s something that the team is really confident from the gameplay side. It’s something that, this time, the team thinks they’ve nailed it – it’s definitely not going through the Sonic cycle!”

That is great news. But while I am trying not to get too hyped for the game, that new trailer sure is not helping matters. Sonic Colors hits store shelves worldwide November 16th.

[Via Gonintendo]

  1. I just don’t think I could bring myself to play a Sonic game ever again.

  2. I think I’ve watched that trailer about a dozen times. I’m not sure why, but it just makes me so happy.

  3. Why are they promising to break the bad streak of Sonic games with Sonic Colors, when Sonic 4 is coming out and that’s also supposed to do it? With that kind of comment, it’s almost like they’ve preemptively decided that Sonic 4 is going to be bad.

    • They’re 2 different beasts. Sonic 4 is just bringing the series back to the 2D roots. I think most people can agree the major problems with the Sonic series are with the 3D games and it looks like they’re trying to break the terrible 3D streak with Colors.

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