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After Tim Schafer had confirmed that Brutal Legend 2 had been canceled in favor of working on four new indie games, the gaming community could only imagine what Schafer’s creative mind would bring us next.   The first indie game Schafer is working on will be Costume Quest, a so-dubbed adventure RPG due for an Xbox Live/PlayStation Network release in autumn.

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Costume Quest represents a departure from the usual Double Fine Production projects, which are often directed by Schafer personally.  Also joining the team is lead animator Tasha Harris who will lead the project.

The story should be the first indication that Schafer is at work here.  The hero is a child who sets out to go Trick or Treating with his or her sister (gender can be chosen).  Your sister’s candy corn costume unfortunately gets the attention of a hungry monster.  The hero will have to fight monsters, befriend and outwit other children, rescue his sister, and be home before curfew.

Halloween locales include traditional suburbs, a local mall, rundown carnival rides, and a local mall.  1UP has compared the game to SNES titles including Earthbound, with plenty of Schafer’s trademark humor sprinkled in as well.

Quests will naturally have a Halloween theme to them, and the objectives for some quests will be to earn some candy or a clue to your sister’s whereabouts.  One example given is a “Patriotic Party”, where you are left off the guest list and must find components in order to build a sufficient patriotic costume to gain entry to the party.

Of course, RPG adventure questing isn’t just about scavenger hunting.  Battle scenes will literally grow the hero and his enemies to massive proportions.  An RPG menu system will control combat, including a standard attack, a block, and a special attack with a QuickTime events.  Candy wraps represent experience points, which raise your level and go towards rewards like new costumes.

So Brutal Legend 2 was cancelled and now he has his hand in three new games, with the first looking very intriguing?  I am so on board with this plan.  Let’s go trick or treating in the fall!

Source: 1UP
  1. Sounds great. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  2. I am down. Heck it has no fewer than two local malls who wouldn’t get on board with that? Seriously though if it IS similar to Earthbound it should be a very solid game.

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