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This week’s Nintendo Download has a mix of games for your Wii and DSi, some more interesting than others. However, I can definitively say that the most arousing downloadable title of the week is Enjoy your massage.  Six clients are waiting for you to rub them down. The game is rated E10+ for “mild suggestive themes.” At a mere 500 Wii Points and suggestive material to be had, it would be downright criminal to miss out on this one.

The rest of this week’s update can be found after the break.

My Aquarium 2 (500 Wii points) is the deep sea sequel to the popular WiiWare title that puts an aquarium in your living room. You can also link your game to the Forecast Channel and have the actual weather affect your aquarium.

TURN: The Lost Artifact (800 DSi Points) is an adventure puzzler. You must master gravity and rotate the environments to guide the explorers through their journey to find a lost artifact.

Rhythm Core Alpha (500 DSi Points) is a music creation system, designed for creating and performing live music in front of an audience. With hundreds of adjustable drum and instrument sounds and the ability to edit while the song is playing, you can build the song in front of an audience.

Absolute Chess (200 DSi Points) is a chess game. Surprise! Play against a number of preset characters or enjoy matches with friends via DS Download Play.

Did It Myself ABC123 (200 DSi Points) is packed with different activities to stimulate your young child’s brain, including counting, colors, letters, drawing and music. A perfect game for kids ages one through five! I’m not entirely sure I would trust a DSi to a three year old though.

  1. lol mild suggestive themes

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