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It’s Monday again and I’m here with another week of “fun” and “innovative” things for you to play on your Wii an DSi. This week it’s your usual assortment of things you, honestly, probably won’t want to give a second look. However, a cool little shmup called Cosmos X2 just hit the DSiWare store and it definitely looks promising.

Hit the jump for the scoop on this week’s update and a Cosmos X2 trailer.

Tales of Elastic Boy – Mission 1 (600 Wii Points) “offers a totally innovative and unique style of game play that takes full advantage of the Wii Remote™ controller.” To save the planet you will have to travel, defeat things, make friends and solve puzzles. Innovation! Play “funny games” with friends in the exciting multiplayer modes. Innovation! Best of all, you can stretch your arms like elastic to punch things!

Pilot the Cosmos X2 (500 DSi Points) to defend your planet against an alien invasion in this DSiWare shmup. With several weapon types, six stages, three difficulty levels and bonus challenge modes there’s plenty of fun to be had here.

myNotebook: Pearl (500 DSi Points) does things you can probably already do with PictoChat.

With Music on: Learning Piano (200 DSi Points) there are “15 great classics” waiting to be played. Music is on the top and the keys are on the bottom. Play piano with your stylus!

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    Elastic Boy sounds like Elastigirl from the Incredibles and Mr. Fantastic had a baby.

  2. avatar Lavonn

    I love reading these atricles because they?re short but informative.

  3. avatar Leena Hinger

    Can anybody invest in it from a bookstore?

  4. avatar xlovecam token

    is a extensive time that i would want to know very well what does “luaka bop” suggest, and where by does the symbol arrive from… while my english grammar’s extremely bad. thanks..

  5. avatar Lynn Bisikirski

    Hannelie, I’d appear at TWP 1500 Series.

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