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This week, long awaited platformer And Yet It Moves (1000 Wii Points) has finally made its way to Wii-Ware.  Turn the game’s beautiful paper-craft inspired world on its head by using the Wii remote to complete mind-bending puzzles by changing the world around you.

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Sunsoft’s NES title UFOURIA: THE SAGA (600 Wii Points) joins the wide array of games on the Wii’s virtual console. Join Bop Louie as he searches for three friends – Shades, Freeon Leon and Gil – to help him complete his mad scramble. Rely on your friends to complete the mazes, traps, monsters and bizarre pitfalls that stand in your way on the journey back to Ufouria.

Rytmik (800 DSi Points) is an application for creating rhythmical and melodic themes and composing whole songs.

G.G Series NINJA KARAKURI DEN (200 DSi Points) – Control a gravity defying, jumping ninja as he fights his way through a booby-trapped mansion. When your ninja touches a platform, it will automatically disappear and he will jump, making for pretty unstable footing. But where some see obstacles, a ninja sees opportunity. You will be forced to think on your feet, push your reflexes and bend the very rules of physics to conquer your treacherous surroundings.

My Farm (200 DSi Points) My Farm is a livestock farming simulation game.

Absolute Reversi (200 DSi Points) takes a classic strategy game and updates it for the 21st century with three exciting and innovative modes of play…free play, challenge mode and multiplayer.

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