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Load up your Wii this week and take control of a “space jet” on a faraway planet in Calaris’ Space Trek. Outsmart the aliens to save the survivors whilst enjoying the game’s special brand of “humorous dialogue”. (700 Wii Points)

In A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots, the planet of Monsteca has become overrun by an army of robots. It’s up to you to gather the herd and defeat the invaders. This strategy game offers 20 levels and is probably the closest thing to Pikmin 3 we will be getting for a while. For 500 Wii points it doesn’t look half bad.

Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s update and Space Trek‘s hilariously bad trailer.

Divergent Shift (800 DSi Points) is a puzzle platformer coming from Konami. You control two characters, one on each screen, that will run and jump simultaneously. You will have to put on your “thinking cap” and use the two screens together in order to beat the game.

3D Mahjong (500 DSi Points) features 50 layouts of the traditional tile-matching game in 3D, each with millions of different shuffles to play. Additional brain-sharpening challenges come in the form of extra mini-games: “Memory” and “Matching.”

myNotebook: Carbon (500 DSi Points) turns your DSi into a notebook.

Just SING! National Anthems (200 DSi Points) Do you ever find yourself wanting to play karaoke on your DS? No? Here’s some patriotic songs for you to sing anyway.

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    Space Trek looks really lame. That dialogue is terrible. Plus the space ship is apparently incapable of flying at a different altitude.

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