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When I asked Mark Lamia of Treyarch at E3 whether we’d be seeing zombies in the studio’s highly-anticipated next chapter in the Call of Duty series, he gave me the same answer that Activision and Treyarch have given everyone: “No comment.”

I distinctly remember Mark having a smirk on his face when he said it, however. It’s being reported that a Best Buy listing for the Hardened Edition of Black Ops read that it will feature “Four Zombie Maps Pack made famous from COD: World at War.” This information has since been pulled from the Best Buy site.

Assuming the information is true (a reasonable assumption, but I’d like to see some cache’d screenshots, please), this doesn’t sound like properly “including zombies” in Black Ops to me. If it were, I’d expect us to be fighting Soviet zombies this time around. Perhaps the Russians picked up some of the Fuhrer’s scientists like the Americans did in the rush to Berlin, but where we got the rocket scientists, the Reds picked up the necromancers, and something went horribly wrong for our Black Ops teams to discover.

Including the zombies in only the Hardened edition, and therefore the Prestige edition which eclipses it, also doesn’t sound like a proper inclusion of zombies. They were part of the basic package from the ground up in World at War, which is what made the bonus mode such a treat. Let’s hope that Best Buy pulled the information down not purely because Activision didn’t want word of zombies in Black Ops leaking out, but due to the retailer chain having the information wrong; and that some new, proper zombie modes are still in the works for us.

Source: CVG

  1. The Zombie mode in World at War was surprisingly entertaining. Here’s hoping.

  2. avatar topher

    Well they already have the code, so moving it to black ops shouldn’t be too hard.

    • avatar Mohamad

      >”14 POINT streak” on the lttile clip at the end. Killstreaks have been removed? Objective play now builds rewards aswell?Personally, I dont want a complete overhaul, I want a perfected MW2. And hopefully that includes dedicated servers.

  3. I honestly couldn’t care less about the content of the article (no offense to players, just not my thing), but has anyone else noticed that the header image is different now than when it was first posted?

  4. It’s entirely possible that one of my esteemed editors liked a different picture for the article. I kind of like the one they chose, better, myself. :)

  5. avatar Chris Carter

    I’m 99% sure that the game will ship with zombie maps, and the hardened extra is just a token to redeem the 4 classic WaW zombie maps, which will be dlc eventually.

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