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Today Microsoft revealed, via Major Nelson’s blog, a new wireless controller model that finally addresses everyone’s biggest issue with the Xbox 360 controller: the d-pad.

Featuring a “transforming” d-pad, the new controller allows gamers to raise and lower the surrounding plastic with a simple twist. Now gamers might actually get the chance to play Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Marvel vs. Capcom without having to buy a tournament stick.

The new controller also features “concave” thumb-sticks, gray and black face buttons and a sleek silver matte finish.

According to the post, the new controller will be available on November 9 as part of a “new Play and Charge Kit.” U.S. gamers will have to shell out $64.99 to get their hands on this kit. Canadian gamers will have to drop $69.99 for the same kit.

Personally, I think this is a great idea. I usually go out of my way to pick up all my fighting games for my PS3 rather than my Xbox simply because of the PS3′s d-pad. I honestly think that the current 360 d-pad is one of the worst in the history of gaming. It’s just so clunky and unresponsive. I can’t wait to try out this new controller and see if it’s any better.

What do you guys think about this? I can’t be the only one who hates the 360′s d-pad. Are you guys interested in this adjustable controller? Let us know what you think with a comment.


  1. This could be good. I don’t hate the XBox 360 pad for fighters NEARLY as much as other people do (they’re only a big problem for extremely technical fighters imo), but they could use an overhaul.

    It could honestly be worse, though; it could have been the Dreamcast pad. I swear, that is the worst pad for fighting games in the history of gaming, like, ever.

  2. Well considering I already have a custom made arcade stick this doesn’t do much for me. Honestly the price seems sorta okay considering it comes with the recharger but I have to wonder why they bothered with the “twist” gimmick. Why not just make it more elevated and that’s it?

    I do like the concave indents on the thumbsticks and the over all look though.

  3. I’m surprised this didn’t happen a lot sooner – the 360 pad is easily the best I’ve ever used but the d-pad is just ridiculous!

  4. What I don’t get is how this didn’t happen sooner, and why it didn’t come out with their newly sexified Slim360 model. Also… why not just make this a standard thing?! Then everyone has the option of how they want to use their Dpad and you don’t confuse consumers with various levels of decent to shitty options.

  5. avatar bedneezy

    Mark Davis, the reason behind not doing it sooner is one word, “Money.” If Microsoft decided to release their best products and ideas, then wheres the suspension of releasing a different model of the product. Its just like the iPhones. Apple makes minor adjustments to the iPhone from model to model to build suspension into consumers to go out and buy the latest model even though they bought like the last three.

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