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Sony fans longing for a Mass Effect 2 fix that never came in January of 2010 can now rejoice.  While speaking at the EA press conference at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, BioWare’s Ray Muzyka announced that the space epic would be seeing a PlayStation 3 release in January!

It’s worth noting that as of right now, there aren’t any plans to release the first Mass Effect on Sony’s consoles.  This might mean that Sony players are deprived of the choices you can make that carry over to Mass Effect 2, both big and small.  We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Sony players.

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    Excited to see a great game come to the console I own. I really wish the first Mass Effect was coming too. I’d want to play it first and have my choices carry over.

    • Agreed – Mass Effect would be a great addition as making those choices added real weight to my experience. That said I’m super excited for the franchise hitting the PS3 and think it’s high time it did.

  2. Not surprised they finally did this. I suspect that Dragon Age outselling it had alot to do with an extra consoles worth of sales and EA/Bioware finally noticing they were shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. avatar A.W.

    so they are definitely NOT bringing over 1 in the near future?

    Btw, dumb question, but does the story in part 2 absolutely depend on knowing what happened in 1.

    • No not really. There are many moments in the game where characters will recap major events that took part in 1. Also there is an in game sort of encyclopedia that gives you all the backstory you need. That said playing 1 helps you appreciate 2 quite a bit though.

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