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Over the past few weeks Irrational Games has been teasing gamers with a website asking, “What is project Icarus?” Well, yesterday the developer finally let us in on the secret.

Project Icarus turns out to be the code name for a new BioShock title. Dubbed BioShock Infinite, the new game seems to have nothing to do with Big Daddies, Little Sisters or even Rapture. According to an interview with series creator Ken Levine, “We felt like we said what we wanted to say about Rapture. Not about BioShock, not about the gameplay motifs, not about the narrative motifs. But we said what we wanted to say about Rapture, and that kind of space and the kind of combat you have there, and some of the kind of experiences you have there.”

Apparently, BioShock Infinite takes place in 1912 (making it a prequel?) in some sort of steampunk-ish floating city. Unfortunately that’s all we know. On the bright side, Irrational Games was good enough to release the gnarly trailer shown above.

What do you guys think about this? Does taking a Rapture-like city out of the water and tossing it into the sky make it any more interesting? What kinds of things are you hoping to see from BioShock Infinite? On a more philosophical note, what does this mean for future BioShock titles?

From that interview with Levine, I get the idea that future BioShock titles are going to be like how the Halloween movie series was suppose to be. Originally, Michael Myers was only suppose to be the villain for the first two movies. The original intention was that each Halloween movie after the first two would feature a new monster or killer (which is why Halloween 3 deals with a mad scientist and witchcraft). Instead of being a series about Michael Meyers, it was suppose to be an anthology series about kids getting killed on Halloween. Unfortunately, when the third Halloween tanked, movie producers decided that Michael Meyers was the selling point of the series.

How cool would it be if Irrational Games shifted the BioShock franchise from being about Big Daddies and Little Sisters to being about steampunk settings in crazy new locations during different time periods?

Anyway, that’s just my take on things. Let us know yours by leaving a comment below.


  1. I just saw the Wikipedia page for this not half an hour ago, and I was thinking “Wait, what?” I’m intrigued.

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