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We are only 2 hours away until our first live streaming of Gamer Limit Game Night. Tonight, we play some Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the Xbox 360. It isn’t too late to run out to the store and pick it up if you don’t have it. By far my favorite first person shooter in years.

Honestly, there is nothing quite like strapping a bomb to a helicopter and driving it right into an enemy tank. If that sounds like a good time to you then please send a message to Jorrel56 on XBL for an invite. If you aren’t able to join us in-game tonight, be sure to watch the stream above and hit the the jump for the chat. Alternatively, you can watch the live stream here. Enjoy!

Update: Gamer Limit Game Night was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone that joined us. Feel free to watch the recorded stream above if you missed it.

  1. Shoot the Tank! Oh, wait, wrong game.

    Was the chat offline for anyone else?

  2. nice watch, I am a little curious about this usb capture card that was used. Vid quality was pretty solid considering it was a continuous live stream but is there a way you can up the audio on the voice chat? It was tough to hear what you guys were saying at some points.

    • Yea. I did my best to up the audio on the chat but wasn’t able to get it to where I wanted before the live stream started. It is definitely something I will fix before next week.

      Glad you enjoyed the video quality. The brightness will be improved once they fix some issues I have been having with HDMI. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the quality.

      If you are interested, I am using the Intensity Shuttle Pro which uses USB 3.0. Just came out last month and so far I am extremely impressed with it. Blows the Hauppage HD capture device out of the water at the same price.

    • I myself do some vid capturing using a blackmagic intensity pro and I notice the raw files always come out very dark as well both on HDMI and component captures. What is the “standard” output type for the shuttle? Avi?

      I really shouldn’t talk about this stuff… Every time I do my inner nerd tries to convince me to buy some SSD’s so I can do 720p recordings that last like an hour with no frame loss….

    • Oh cool! Actually, only reason I have brightness issues is because I am splitting component so I can play on my TV and record on my PC. Didn’t want to run 2 30ft component cables since my computer is in another room.

      The standard output I use is avi. I usually use virtualdub because their preview and filtering features are phenomenal. Strongly recommend it if you aren’t using it already. They have on-the-fly filtering options to adjust brightness. So when I’m recording to my computer I use filtering. Unfortunately Adobe Flash Media Encoder doesn’t do any filtering so I have to live with brightness on streams for now.

      Hate to fuel the fire for you, but I record raw on my SSD at 720p. Once USB 3.0 drivers are improved I’ll be able to do 1080p raw. It is SO worth it. I love my SSD.

    • Yeah as I stand now I use a very fast western digital caviar black that can capture full quality 720p ok but at about the 10-11 minute mark depending on the source I start to see frame loss. By 20 min you can kiss the quality goodbye :/

      I just need an SSD and a slight ram upgrade and I will be able to put out some very nice captures. My plan is to have it all ready before The Old Republic launches because I want to make some cool footage of that game.

      I will give virtualdub a try, thanks for info as well.

    • So I tried capturing on my Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD and I saw no frame loss, even after an hour of recording. Are you using any kind of compression during capture? What application are you using to capture? How much RAM do you have?

      If you are using compression during capture I recommend using VirtualDub with no compression and worrying about compression after capture. However, if you have < 4GB of RAM that is most likely the issue and not the HDD.

    • You are probably right about the RAM Kevin only running 4g’s of ddr2 800 right now and they are showing their age. Newegg is staring at me…. taunting me in more ways than one.

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