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Gamer Limit Game Night is quickly approaching so be sure you’re ready! This week we will be playing Killzone 2 for the PlayStation 3. Hope to see you online at 9PM EST.

If you are interested please send a friend request to Jorrel56 with GLGN in the text field. If you aren’t able to join us in-game tonight, be sure to watch the stream above and hit the the jump for the chat. Alternatively, you can watch the live stream here. Enjoy!

Update: Fun night indeed. However, I completely forgot how much people camp in this game and in turn the game becomes a complete cluster f*ck. Anyhow, enjoy the recording of the live stream above. Unfortunately, chat wasn’t recorded because, despite Sony’s advertisement promises, the PS3 can’t do everything. Still waiting for that party chat there Sony.

  1. Yeah it is pretty sad when myself and some guys I know sometimes organize our events in Demon’s Souls on a vent server instead of using the PS3.

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