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We are roughly 3 hours away until our live streaming of Gamer Limit Game Night. Tonight, we play some Alien Swarm for the PC. If you haven’t already, go and download it from Steam for free! Don’t worry, a lot of us will be learning how to play for the first time too.

Be sure to send a message or friend invite to Jorrel56 on Steam as well as Skype. We will be meeting up on Skype first and then working out all of the details on how to join in on the fun. Expect for those details to be updated in this post as well. If you aren’t able to join us in-game tonight, be sure to watch the stream above and hit the the jump for the chat. Alternatively, you can watch the live stream here. Enjoy!

Update: Once again, Gamer Limit Game Night was an absolute blast. Took us a bit to get the hang of Alien Swarm, but by the end of the night the campaign was complete. Enjoy the stream above, but blame Comcast for the severe loss in frame rate about an hour in.

  1. avatar Jim Bean

    What happens if 12 people show up?

  2. Tried to join. Game was full. Bummer.

  3. I wasn’t able to make it, there was some … female trouble. Sorry, people. My brief overview of the game looks interesting, though, so if anyone else plays I’ll consider joining in.

  4. Gonna watch the vid in a minute wish I could have made it even only for the lulz. Having to get up at 5am or earlier for work on saturdays is not very cool.

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