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Last week’s Gamer Limit Game Night was an absolute blast. Bad Company 2 is always a lot of fun. But we are back again for some more gaming time with the staff and community.

This week we will be playing the free-to-play Steam game Alien Swarm. So, if you have a PC be sure to download Alien Swarm and join us. Gamer Limit Game Night is scheduled for 9PM EST Friday. Hit up the comments and let us know if you are in. In addition, please give us games you would like to see be part of Game Night. Looking forward to Friday!

Please send a friend invite or message to Jorrel56 on Steam if you are interested. Also, join the Gamer Limit Steam group as well. Invites will go out at 9PM EST. And as always, it will be live streamed on the front page via Ustream.

  1. I’ll be there. I can’t guarantee I’ll stick around for the whole thing, but I’ll play a map or two.

  2. I’ve got Alien Swarm downloaded, will have to try it before this so that I’m of some use to the party. I need to check the forums for everyone’s user names, though. I had no idea who half of us were last Friday by their logins besides Kev and Kauza. :)

  3. Monday Night Combat!!!

    I will try and be there. I think I’m already a part of the steam group.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    I wonder how many people drew obscenities on the map between levels.

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