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Ninja Theory’s upcoming title, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, has a new trailer and holy shit, is it awesome. The game is loosely based off Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. Not only does Enslaved: Odyssey to the West have gorgeous visuals and excellent source material, but it also appears to be shaping up to be a very impressive game in its own right.

Giant robots, explosions, platforming, fierce battles, dialog that will pull at your heartstrings, large bolded words and epic narration await you after the break. What are you waiting for? Hit that jump. This trailer is epic.

October 8th can’t come soon enough.

  1. Awesome music + incredible action + mind blowing graphics = KICK ASS TRAILER!!!!

  2. avatar Rider

    The picture of my dad and Gennady is sooloo super amazing!! I also LOVE the picture of Luda fixing my dress! As stressful as that could have been .the picture turned out soo beautiful! WOW. I can’t wait to see more More MORE!!!! <3

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