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Surely forever is, well you know, forever.  So when 3D Realms went belly up last year we thought Duke was lost to development hell forever.  Well it appears that rumours running around Kotaku (yeah I know but stick with me) seem to indicate a new developer has stepped in to the fray.

No stranger to shooters or long development cycles, Gearbox are now in the frame as saviours of the misogynistic anti-hero.  The studio was previously revealed to have been working on Duke  Begins, a spin off collaborations between 3D Realms, Take Two and Gearbox that would compliment the Duke Nukem Forever release.  All news of Duke Begins quickly died when Duke Nukem Forever slipped out of sight, with only a brief mention in a court filling between Take-Two and 3D Realms mentioning it since.

Of all developers that I could see take on this project I think Gearbox would be pretty high up on my wish list along with long time developer comrades Raven and Starbreeze.  Whether this all turns out to be a large dollop of BS will become apparent over the next few weeks.  All parties are giving the standard “no comment” response to all queries.  The only glimmer of hope?  Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford has mentioned that more news on upcoming Gearbox titles will be announced at PAX at the beginning of September.

Whether there is still a place for Duke Nukem Forever in our gaming lives is unclear.  Is this style of game still even relevant, especially as a full release title?  Look at Serious Sam HD for example.  A great title sure, but download was the correct pricing and medium for it in this current climate.  One last drip of rumour sauce?  There will be “something” playable by the end of this year.  No idea if this means a demo, open beta or the full release but time will tell.

  1. 3D Realms has effectively been paying employees to sit on their asses and play Solitaire all day. I’m not holding my breath and I’ve already decided to forget about this game.

  2. avatar Claudio

    looks like a significant gpaahicrl boost from the vids i’ve seen. let’s hope that’s the case when bullets are flying around everywhere and things get chaotic! Duke, don’t let us down!VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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