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As a longtime fan of the series, the announcement of Driver: San Francisco (the next generation debut and the first Driver game since 2006) had me beaming with uncontrollable excitement and anticipation. It was all set to come hammering around the next 90 degree corner just in time for the Christmas period too, but was sadly stopped and impounded for dangerous driving. Apparently it will take until the early part of 2011 for it to be released, much to my dismay.

Fear not however, as Gamer Limit will soon be embarking on an extended road trip alongside the Wheelman, starting from the series roots in Newcastle before stopping by at Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Nice and Istanbul. Yes, that’s right - Driver will be getting the full retrospective treatment over the next month or so, reliving all the highs and lows from its glorious inception in 1999 through to its critically panned modern-day instalments.

At any rate, Driver: San Francisco‘s intentions are clear: you can tell they are wanting to get the series back on track and back to its roots just by looking at its artwork shown above, courtesy of my lovingly crafted timeline. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the past and future of the Driver series in the comments below!

  1. avatar Khoserken

    I’ve always been a fan of the series. I loved all the games and San Francisco looks awesome. Hopefully San Francisco will restore the name of the series, which was a bit ruined since Driv3r.

  2. Not sure why I never got into this series. Looking forward to the coverage though!

  3. avatar 747

    I got this feeling i had when driver was announced 11 years ago, goin back to the roots is the best plan. Although i m still wondering about this shift stuff, and dunno if its gonna be good or bad, who knows…

    • avatar Lilly

      The x1300 is rather out-dated and unowdpreered by today’s graphic card standard. The game you want to play may simply need more graphic power than that chip can provide, or a hardware feature that simply doesn’t exist. You can use the regular XP drivers for that hardware. In general, however, new drivers can’t add functionality that didn’t already exist in the graphics card.

  4. avatar Conor Grimes

    Love the Driver, finished every single of them apart from Driver76. Still have Driver 1 and Driver 2, other ones went missing. Such a shame. Role on Driver San Francisco

    • avatar Temo

      hi, i have xp 32 bits, but when i try to update dervir, the opcion Browse my computer for dervir software->ADB Interface dont appear, can you help me please.thanks (sorry my english it is not good)regards!!!

  5. avatar Gaas

    If you have them down loaded and iltlasned right you will see the icon down in the service tray bottom right of the screen. Click on it and it should show the available wireless. Make sure have it turned on, this is the problem a lot of the time. Hope this helps.

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