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After several hints throughout this week, Codemasters have unveiled their new reveal trailer for the forthcoming Colin: McRae: DiRT 3, courtesy of the ESPN X Games. DiRT 2 was one of my favourite racing games last year, so the announcement of a sequel already is exciting news indeed. I only hope this new instalment adopts a less Americanised approach than its predecessor, but fortunately Codemasters have hinted it will have  British vibe this time round.

Racing driver Ken Block, who narrated DiRT 2 with no personality whatsoever, looks set to feature once again as the trailer depicts him putting a Ford Fiesta rally car through its paces across a South African dirt track before joining a Ford RS200 in a race on snowy terrain, a locale that was sorely missing in DiRT 2. The teasing trailer comes to a close  by having the Fiesta drifting around an exploding truck, most likely hinting at a new race event for the final game.

As the trailer proclaims, DiRT 3 is set to be released next year.

  1. avatar Your MSN Friend

    No personality what so ever? You’re high brother. It definitely had personality. It was a lot more exciting than the first DiRT with more variety, more cars and over all better music. Although I prefer Travis Pastrana over Ken Block any day.

  2. I am referring to Ken Block’s lifeless narration rather than the game itself.

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