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Good news, everyone! The chiptune-inspired electronic music of the Bit.Trip games is easily one of the biggest draws to Gaijin Games’ outstanding Wii-Ware series. The soundtrack for Bit.Trip RUNNER is available now over at and it is excellent. Whether you are already in love with the games or are just a fan of the chiptune scene, I can wholeheartedly recommend checking this out.

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Even for series veterans there are some surprises in store as the album features previously unreleased bonus material.  Also available are the soundtracks for the rest of the series, and while I don’t mean to play favourites or anything, my favourite soundtrack of the bunch is Bit.Trip CORE. So if you feel like giving your ears a treat, have a  listen.

You can preview and download the sweet music here or wait until Bit.Trip RUNNER’s soundtrack joins the other Bit.Trip games’ phat beats on i-Tunes and Amazon.

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