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Ever since Sony themselves admitted the PSPgo was a “test”, I can’t even take a shred of PSPgo news seriously. In true hilarious “Go” fashion, Square Enix has just announced that one of the biggest PSP releases this year, Birth By Sleep, will not be available on the Playstation Network. For those of you that aren’t familiar with how the PSPgo works, it forces users to play games solely through means of digital downloads – which means go owners will literally be unable to play the hard-copy only game unless they buy another PSP.

It’s not quite clear if Square Enix themselves are responsible for withholding the game, or if Sony has decided to avoid publishing it on their network. Either way, it’s terrible news for “Go” fans, who already have to deal with one to two week late digital releases for a handful of PSP releases.

Source: Joystiq

  1. avatar terrorist

    well, looks like im gonna have to digitally download it illegally. hehe, this is what square enix wanted anyway. they suck

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