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Now I’m all for special editions, but this is getting a little ridiculous. Today Activision revealed two tiers of special editions for Treyarch’s upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops.

First off, there is the “Hardened” edition. This box includes “a custom Black Ops limited edition medal, exclusive Black Ops Avatar outfit, as well as four playable cooperative maps.” Not too shabby, if I do say so myself, but wait for it. Things get pretty crazy with the “Prestige” edition.

The Prestige Edition comes with all the bells and whistles included in the Hardened Edition plus “an entirely original remote controlled surveillance vehicle inspired by the RC-XD from Black Ops Multiplayer.” This RC spy car features a range up to 200 feet and can transmit TFT color video and audio to it’s pistol-grip controller.

Right now, Activison has yet to announce a price for either of these editions, however retailers already have them listed for $79.99 and $149.99. Call of Duty: Black Ops is currently slated to arrive on the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, DS and Wii on November 9.

What do you guys think about this? Are you willing to drop $150 on a single game? Are you excited about this crazy spy car? Do you think Activision has gone a little overboard with these special edition bonuses?


  1. Unless it comes with working C4, forget it.

  2. $150 for a new game with all that crap AND an RC car to top it off? That can only spell “low quality”. I’m sure gamers will get less use out of this RC car than they would with night vision goggles. If you really want an RC car that is actually fun and doesn’t control like Fred Flintstones car you’ll have to drop at least three to four hundred dollars. There’s even RC cars that are waterproof right out of the box.

    The fact that you get to control RC cars in multiplayer makes this game seem like more of a campfest than MW2 was. Why don’t they just cut to the chase and make CoD: Unmanned Warfare?

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