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[Editor's note - at the current moment, Worgens cannot exit their starting area, so I explored the entire region]

Well, the time has come, and I’ve finally completed the two starting areas for both the Worgen and Goblins! If you’ve been following along so far, you’ll know the basics of each race, and how they fit into the World of Warcraft mythos.

The addition of two brand new races will certaintly mix up raids a bit, especially since Blizzard is giving 10-man raids another go – we’re getting to the point where entire raids will be comprised almost entirely of different races (and that 1% extra damage passive that the Worgen have isn’t too shabby for end-game content). Read on for my thoughts on the two new races.

The Worgen are my new favorite

I’ll admit, werewolves are probably in my middle tier of general mythos love, but hot damn I love me some Worgen. While Orcs are generally my favorite race in anything under the sun (Warhammer, 40K), the Worgen are just all around cool. For starters, their story is very well put together, and is presented in a very streamlined manner. Essentially you start off as a human whose town is under siege, and in the calamity, you become a werewolf.  You’re all set to be executed, but compliments of a newly developed concoction, you are able to curb your feral tendencies, and function alongside the rest of the world.

Their initial questline is fairly linear (like the Death Knight starting quest), which is extremely good news for brand new players attempting to play the game for the first time. I can’t tell you how many people I know were outright confused with Vanilla WoW’s starting areas – for instance, the extremely overwhelming Tauren tundra.

You’ll see how much I love their starting area later.

Goblins are…interesting so far

I think the whole “they’re wannabe humans” angle might be pushed a bit too far. The entire town is a parody – from the fake sod in front of the Goblin’s households, to the pink flamingo lawn ornaments, to the wacky hot tub dance party. The quests are pretty diverse, ranging from a variation of soccer where bombs function as the ball, to a Crazy Taxi esque vehicular driven escort quest.

If that’s your thing, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, but I get enough laughs from the hundreds of random references WoW makes anyway. In fact, a lot of people have even gone so far as to say “WoW has jumped the shark with this area”.

Gilneas rocks – Blizzard is really getting their starting areas down

Freaking…catapult quests! Everything I liked about the Death Knight starting zone is back, and better than ever. Using a concept called “phasing”, Blizzard has created a method of convincingly telling a story in an MMO world. Phasing essentially only allows other players to see you if certain conditions are met – for instance, if there’s a large explosion that takes out half the area you’re in, only players who have experienced that explosion will see it. While a number of Gilneas quests are still “kill and fetch” quests, the amount of intrigue that is drip fed with every passing minute will keep you going.

Long story short, I’m already excited for new starting zones in the next expansion.

So has anyone else experienced the Cataclysm beta? I wanted to make sure I played through the two new starting zones before I tackled the meat of the game: the war-torn new version of Azeroth. If you want anything covered in particular, let me know! Also feel free to check out my Youtube Channel for a ton of random videos.

  1. avatar Dr Madnar Petrovich

    *Sigh* How I miss the sweet honeymoon days of Star Wars Galaxies. These games aint what they used to be back in the days!

    • avatar Shafiqur

      Now the race change thing ptseenrs a bit of dilemma. I want a worgen boomkin but I was going to wait till Cata because I only have 1 slot left on my main’s server and I want to see the starting zone. OTOH, the starting zone is probably going to be a mad house of newly minted worgens so I should probably no try to roll a worgen right after the release. I could roll one now and change him later but I’m picking a bit of a goofy name and I’d hate to have to change it. There is also the fact that there is not much going on right now so leveling an alt wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I did spend a little bit of time on a different server where I have a few alts with BoAs from a character transfer. So I rolled a druid there and went the boomkin route with the cloth BoAs (I didn’t have the leather ones here) and ZOMG OP! Now I kinda can’t wait to get the one going on my main’s server with the proper leather BoAs. Arrrggghhh!!!!!I wonder if worgens are getting their own flight form or will they get the NE one?

  2. avatar Assumpta

    Oh I love the hair! And you’re right that the hole in the head will probably be fixed, I just thugoht it was funny when I noticed it *lol* I’m not entirely certain about the butt though, and the tummy pout is probably there to stay. Considering that night elf females have had square hips for years I’m not sure they’re changing the worgen females.. One can hope though.There’s still time for them to smooth things a bit, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! And if not.. just never look at her in profile and you won’t notice the square stuff so much hehe

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