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The Cataclysm event is here, and Deathwing kind of left a mess. While all of the changes haven’t rolled out yet on the beta servers, there are a heap of areas that have either been created, or drastically changed. One huge perk about the new Azeroth is the fact that you can fly anywhere – which is a pretty big¬†convenience.

Hit the jump for a whole host of videos I’ve taken during my travels in Azeroth.

  1. I might be waaaaaay off base here; but I get the sneaky suspicion that Mr Carter is pretty darn excited for WOW: Cataclysm ;)

  2. You’ve come a long way from the pre-BC era in which I played, WoW!

  3. avatar *Sigh*

    Look man I’m not saying your doing a bad job but was your spot in beta somehow only given if you promised to do endless coverage on WoW Cataclysm? Does anyone really care about WoW anymore? I mean sure people still play it but I’m almost 100% sure that everyone is fed up with the game as a whole and it’s pretty much stale now… Which might explain why this is the only story so far that has gotten any comments….

    I guess good job I only hope people are actually as interested in these as you seem to be… Front page spammer/nazi!

    • The sad part is while fans of Gamer Limit may not be interested in Wow, 10 million other people still are – I have a few thousand hits on my Youtube videos through zero promotion, and have gotten special requests for some videos above, so there are people who are very interested!

      Also, to clarify, Blizzard requires zero coverage of a beta event – so I wasn’t required to do anything.

      MMO Champion is really the only website providing as much coverage as we are on the web. Historically Gamer Limit has not covered any beta other than a single post, so I’d like to change that perception.

      I’m not sure what you mean by spamming the front page though. On July 3rd, the only posts we had were from my Cataclysm coverage. I’m not taking away anyone else’s thunder, I promise :p

  4. avatar NoFuneral

    Don’t get bogged down on what Mr. *Sigh* says. I think it’s safe to say many many people are interested in WoW coverage. AOL owns a site that is 100% dedicated to WoW coverage

    I think the angle you might want to take on this site is not to necessarily give hardcore WoW fans updates on things they’re already getting too much of from mmochampion, wowhead, and, but instead give non-WoW players an idea of why they might be interested in the game. There is a huge stigma surrounded WoW in the eyes of non-players. I admit that I was extremely hesitant to play due to that. I’ve found that it’s a great way to get online and socialize with my friends from college and also to just kick some ass! There’s PVP if you wanna face off against real players, there’s PVE if you want to fight against the computer and there’s RP… if you’re into that sort of thing : )

    Keep it coming Chris!

    • Yea. I tried to note that the Worgen starting area is new player friendly – but I can elaborate on other areas as well.

      A good opportunity would be the new pvp zone. It’s not open for testing yet, but when it is, I can write from the angle of a new player.


  5. I will only point out that 10 million isn’t accurate considering only about 6 million copies of Wrath of the Lich King have been sold. I doubt we got 4 million people who still play vanilla/bc and are content.

    That said I thought the coverage so far was good. It is clear you like the worgens alot more than the goblins and I don’t really blame you. Goblins were an uninspired race choice from the beginning but as a former undead prot warrior though I don’t really feel like Blizzard can make it much worse than already is.

  6. avatar supabacca

    Definitely nice to see vids of the beta since I was not one of the “chosen”. Just as a suggestion you might want to do you videos from a first person point of view, it makes it a lot easier to pay attention to the scenery, and game play, when you don’t have a mount or player model in the way.

    Overall great vids and hope to be seeing more.

    • I thought about making some flight videos in first person, but when I did it, the video didn’t really flow that well – it looked choppy for some reason.

      But yea, it is a good idea, and something I can do when making future videos. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. avatar NoFuneral

    I find it funny that people seem to think this is the place to go to leave negative comments on WoW in general. I don’t see very many “this game is bad” comments for any other games. They tend to but a little substance behind the negativity. Is that too much to ask for?

    And you call Blizzard uninspired.

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