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Capcom announced yesterday at Comic-Con a brand new fighting game that will bring two of the most beloved video game franchises together for the very first time. Street Fighter X Tekken, being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360, will use the same technology behind the über successful Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, bringing the Tekken fighters into a 2D world with the same highly detailed and stylized artwork we’ve all come to love.

Excuse me for a second as I need to pick up my jaw from the floor real quick. In the mean time, hit the jump to learn more.

Like SFIV, Street Fighter X Tekken will feature fully realized 3D characters against a 2D stage, a first for such Tekken fighters as King and Marshal Law (my personal favorites). On top of the normal Arcade and Versus mode, which have gotten their own enhancements to keep the title fresh, the game will also feature a Tag Team Battle mode, allowing for knockout assists and special super combos.

In San Diego, producer Yoshinori Ono stated that “This is history we’re making. Two fighting games that have rivalled each other are finally standing on the same stage. This isn’t just a showdown between Tekken and Street Fighter, but a decisive battle for Capcom and Namco Bandai Games. So I’m going to give it my all.”

This is indeed exciting news. We’re still waiting on a release announcement, but I’m sure a vague date will be given some time in the near future.

Edit: Thanks to Jamie Obeso for pointing out that Tekken X Street Fighter is also in development by Namco, and will play in the same fashion as previous Tekken games.

  1. Don’t forget that they also announced Tekken X Street Fighter, which is a similar concept done in Tekken style.

  2. Doesn’t catch my interest. Not because of the franchise, or because of the genre. It’s because it seems a bit silly to get two games with Street Fighter characters within such a short time, and I’ve already settled on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for that particular niche.

    Looks interesting, though.

    • I definitely agree, but they released SNK vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom on the ps2 within a year of each other, and they both were fun as hell and sold just as well. And i’m sure they won’t release the Tekken crossover until at least holiday 2011, if not 2012.

  3. avatar Matias

    effectivement, les infos sont un peu maigrichonnes, mais la mode9lisation de Ryu est plutf4t covnaincante donc j’ai he2te d’en savoir plus! Le casting de persos, la date de sortie, y aura t-il de la customisation ou non? et surtout, e0 quoi ressembleront les techniques de street fighter dans l’univers de tekken ?!!!

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