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Everybody take a good, deep breath… it’s Friday. Yes, the weekend is within reach and it’s time to waste as much of it as possible with some good old fashioned videogames. Especially ones that are free! Like, Alien Swarm, for instance.

I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with Ben10 but since I haven’t had time to play it yet, I guess I can’t be sure. What I’d suggest doing is watching as much of the TV show (and the made for TV movie) while downloading the game from Steam, then play the game only once you’re finished. So, other than watching Ben10 and playing Alien Swarm, what are you playing!?

As for me, I’m on a family roadtrip this week so I’m stuck playing portables and Steam games that I don’t require my full attention. Picross3D, Touch Solitaire, and a handful of PSP games are dominating my recently played list. And if I can sneak away for a few hours, I’ll snag some time with MGS: Peace Walker.

I’d really like to play some more Read Dead Redemption before I completely forget where I was. And I should be playing some RDR coop with a friend I convinced to get it on PS3. But, instead of that, I’m in St Louis getting free meals and going to casinos.

But enough about me… how about you?

  1. I just started the Saboteur the other night. I’m really liking it so far. I’m bummed that it’s Pandemic’s last game. At least they went out on a high note.

  2. Still mostly Killing Floor, I’m amazed at how much fun I’m having with that game.

    I’d like to be playing more Left 4 Dead 2 (despite my tendency to repeatedly die in the finale), but most friends-only games are planned in a group’s Steam chat, and it’s hard to avoid the local trolls while in there. So I haven’t touched it much. Gods, makes me wish I was an administrator sometimes …

  3. I haven’t been playing many games lately but I’ve been trying to scrap in some Mortal Kombat Trilogy as much as I can.

    I’ll probably go and rent some game later today.

  4. I am playing “Upload the PvP Movie to Youtube”. We will see how it goes in 7 hours ;p. On a more serious note I want to go back and re acquaint myself with Mass Effect 2, this new Liara DLC coming up looks like it may be neat so may as well do a little prep.

  5. Finally came around to playing SH: Shattered Memories and am severely disappointed in the complete lack of combat. First survival horror game with no final boss whatsoever. Been slugging along Fallout 3. Almost done with Half Life 2 on Hard, and of course my daily helping of BC2.

  6. And my Navy brother is in town so we’ve been playing MvC2 like it’s 2000 again.

  7. I’m honestly not playing ANYTHING right now. Instead I’m spending all my time reading Starcraft novels, getting ready for when Starcraft 2 comes out next Tuesday. After that it’s the only game I’ll be playing for quite some time.

  8. Finished up the latest PoP (worth a rental), started up Transformers, and I have Singularity waiting on deck.

    On iPhone – Helsing’s Fire, SW: Battle for Hoth, Godville, and Castlevania Puzzle.

  9. Last week I picked up Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2 and it’s expansion Chaos Rising, so I’ve been working my way through those. I have to say, playing DoW2 really makes me want to drive up to Cleveland just so I can get my old 40K army out of my parent’s basement. Emperor’s Children represent!

  10. avatar Rob

    I’ve been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Yeah, I know the game is old as can be now, but I’m finally getting around to it. Good stuff.

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