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I continue to be astounded by the things that people say. It seems that whenever a videogame company announces a new product, or announces a price to go along with it, angry people come frothing forth hoping to get a slice of the “I’m a spoiled brat” pie.

This week, official news of Microsoft Kinect’s final price point appeared, and at $149.99 USD, absolutely no one was surprised. But pissed, yep, they were definitely pissed. The funny thing? The vast majority were, and are, pissed for stupid reasons, and it’s just getting pathetic.

Among all of the many arguments that try to convince us that Kinect is stupid, there’s one that has grown more prevalent since news of the official price point dropped. It goes a little something like this: “$150 is a complete ripoff, and I can’t believe that Microsoft is trying to screw gamers over with that. I’m glad I don’t give a crap about Kinect anyway.”

When the initial announcement of the PlayStation 3′s price was announced, I was disappointed. When I learned that the Xbox 360 would not have built-in wireless and require a $99 addition, I was upset. Yes, I’ve been disappointed in and angry at game and console developers before.

The difference? I was upset because these were products that I genuinely wanted, and I felt that their prices were too high for me to indulge myself. I wanted a product and could not have it. No one can be blamed for feeling this way, so long as they don’t fly off the handle like so many gamers are prone to doing. But that’s a different topic altogether.

No, this is a matter of gamers who get angry because they think something is expensive when they have no intention of buying it anyway. I simply can’t wrap my head around this state of mind, as it’s a completely foreign concept in nearly every other industry out there.

I want to believe that this is simply a page from the fanboy’s playbook, but it seems like an incredibly cheap tactic, even for the lowliest members of the gaming community. Trying to reduce the worth of a product by saying it is too expensive because you don’t want it? Fanboys usually at least make an attempt at more sound logic than this.

What I really think is happening is a sort of circular reasoning, where they justify not wanting the product because it is too expensive when, in reality, they didn’t want it anyway. They create in their minds this idea that price is the real barrier to entry because they don’t want to admit that they’re unwilling to give a product a chance. I mean, how the hell can you honestly say that Kinect isn’t worth $150 when you, in all likelihood, haven’t used or even seen it in action yet?

What is impossible to justify is your anger. You know what rational people do when they feel a product is not worth their money? They push it out of their minds, and they don’t buy it. That’s the end of the story, and our days go on like they usually do. Gamers are the only people who take it that one step further, taking to the internet to show how very disappointed they are in the evil companies that try to sell us things we don’t want.

If you’re one of these people, tell me why. I’m serious. I want to know what makes you feel so angry about the price of this product that you don’t care about anyway.

  1. I would take issue with the idea that fanboys usually at least make an attempt at sound logic. I think that part of what defines a fanboy is evidence of missing part of a frontal lobe…

    I also feel your cognitive dissonance at saying one doesn’t want a product, but then bitching about the price. I have an issue with Microsoft’s math in trying to define the Kinect price as “competitive,” but that’s only because I don’t like it when someone bullshits me in a bold faced manner, as though I’m an idiot. It insults me; but I could care less about the actual price. It is what it is.

    Maybe I’ll have someone gift Kinect to me. I do feel that anyone who writes about video games probably needs to own one of these things, to be able to form an educated opinion as to its value…but I certainly know that I’m not willing to pay for it. :)

    I think that rather than people justifying not wanting the product because it is too expensive, it is much more likely that they DO want the product, and that’s why they are whining. Video gamers love new toys. If MS priced Kinect at $50 everyone and their grandmother would forget about their criticism and buy one the day it came out.

  2. I’m not certain what I can add to what Dennis said here. As far as I know, people are complaining because they either want the product and can’t stomach the price, or they think Microsoft is trying to bullshit them. I have to admit to falling in the latter category. Adding $150 to an already $250 console MIGHT be worth it, but honestly I’m not very optimistic it can really deliver wonders.

    It’s possible people might just be jaded after the half-delivery of Nintendo’s motion-control system and find being asked to pay this much for what is effectively a completely untested system is too much. Not sure if that means anything, but it’s my limited analysis.

  3. Well the reality is most people who are whining care, because if they didn’t care they wouldn’t be whining about it. So that leads me to believe these people are simply not that swift and think by complaining in this fashion they will get a price drop. Any sane person knows that isn’t going to happen but hey…

    Personally the price point seems pretty predictable to me but I agree it is overpriced. I also do not have any plans to buy one, not even if they sold it for 50 dollars. I don’t enjoy motion controls, it feels like a gimmick to me, and I enjoy my games the old fashioned way with controller in hand.

    So to me the real question isn’t about prices, it is about if this type of tech is even needed, in real demand, or has any kind of long term place in gaming.

  4. avatar A.W.

    Won’t get angry, but if you drop 150 clams to buy something from a company known to sell you crap that either 1) won’t work or 2) will inevitably break… well, your funeral.

    But one piece of friendly advice. Get a promise from the store that they will take it back, even if you open the “software” part of the package.

  5. avatar Rob

    I wouldn’t say “pissed” is the correct word for how I feel about both this and Sony’s Move system. For me, the phrase “completely disinterested” would be more appropriate.

    I do have to admit that part of me wants to see both of these things fail miserably. Sony and Microsoft were both extremely arrogant when the Wii was getting started. They both claimed a console based on motion controls would never work. Well, how did that work out? Nintendo execs are probably laughing at this stuff somewhere in Japan while they roll around in piles of money.

  6. avatar Kamanashi

    Well, I’m am pissed because it’s $150 for 2 webcams, a motor and a cheap game. $80 wouldn’t be so bad, but the price is too much now. It’s just not worth the money when it is barely any new tech. All the processing is still done by your 360.

  7. I’m one of those people that couldn’t care less about the Kinect. For one, I do not own a 360. Aside from that, the tech does not look that interesting to me. I don’t feel as though it would enhance the types of games that I play. I’m open to see if it will change my mind once I use one, but for now I’m not interested. I’m not pissed off about the price in the slightest. It sounds a little overpriced for what it is, but if people really want it they will pay for it. It’s as simple as that.

    I think the PlayStation Move is overpriced and I’m a little peeved about that. Bringing something I really enjoy about the Wii (IR pointing tech) to the PS3 for shooters is something that really gets me excited. $80 for the wand and nav controller and I still have to drop money on an Eye toy. For offering largely the same functionality as Wii-motion+, it sure costs a hell of a lot more.

  8. avatar Chris Bosak

    1st of all ive seen Kinect’s gameplay & besides It’s a total PS2 Eyetoy ripoff. How dare M$ try to copy what the best selling console of all time did. Also I would like to point out that it’s not innovative at all. Eyetoy displayed games in 3-D, not to mention many of the eyetoy games were 1st & 3rd party at the time.

    There’s nothing new bout it,the price drives me away, and besides over 36 3rd party developers from companies such as Square-Enix, Atlus, Arc System Works, Capcom, and many many many more are aiding Sony since Move helps make deving for PS3 easier.

    Kinect will fail in the short time after its release.

  9. avatar Mark

    Its amazing how Kinect is getting so much flak for its price and Move’s is getting completely ignored despite the fact it costs only $30 less than Kinect.

    PS Eye= $40, Sex wand controller= $50, nunchuk= 30, total= $120

    and thats just for ONE PERSON, LMAO.

    • avatar Kamanashi

      I totally agree that Move is overpriced, but it will also have more hardcore support. Kinect is more of the casual crowd, MS has even proven that with the currently announced games.

      I will eventually get Kinect, but probably when it has been out for a while and the price is dropped. Move will be bought about a month after it comes out mainly because I don’t have to buy the wand (you can use the DS3 even though it will be awkward.) and I already have the camera.

    • avatar 13yearoldchild

      AT LEAST SONY AND NINTEN ARENT MONEY WHORES LIKE M$ YU FANBOY GO BURN YOU’RE XBOX LOLOL KINECT IS A RIPOFF AND IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. avatar mattm

    i think kinect is actally worth the $150. the move is $100 for just one controller. how can people not say that is a rip off. with kinect you just need the one camera and it can have 2 people playing or 4 (ive been reading different things) if the price is making you that mad either you have nothing else better to do or just dont buy it. i want kinect but i will wait til it comes down in price.

  11. avatar Da Geez

    Kinect is better priced than the psmove… FULL STOP.

    With Kinect you pay ONCE and ONCE only
    With the psmove you pay ONCE, TWICE, THRICE and so on and so forth

    Microsoft are being oen and honest about what you ahve to pay.
    sony are being sly, devious and arrogant as usual.

    • avatar Era

      of course they get criedt.. they’re using the Kinect; technology that was created by Microsoft. Jamie Tremaine, one of the engineers that worked to make this possible, criedted MS for making the technology available. I quote: For $150 dollars you can get a depth camera that’s capable of real-time motion capture, that used to cost $8000-$150,000 -And you would be naive to think that those engineers are keeping that open source and free. They are going to cash in on this one day.

  12. avatar Anzeh

    “No, this is a matter of gamers who get angry because they think something is expensive when they have no intention of buying it anyway.”

    Lol, sounds like the flaming on the ps3.

  13. avatar that one guy over there

    SOunds To ME ThaT aLot of P3 FanS are jUSt sTraight mAd aT anytHing xbox does. I noTIced the AmounT of peoPLe commEnting ALL over and As noRmal You always have A arTicle that has nothing to do with ps3,yet you get 50 comments from fanboys flamming the article.

    I find that a lot of my friends that only own A ps3 are usually hardheaded a holes that can’t get over s–t easy. not all of them, calm down.

    seems to be a trend with ps3 fans,” I don’t like this so I’m going to try and destroy it as much as possible.” iT’S LIKE A built up anger or love or lust or something I don’t know. usually I don’t comment because on site’s if your a xbox fan or a supporter you get booted, bubbles taken or just harrast. you could just say, I like xbox.

    if you don’t believe me, just say I like xbox. see how much you get creme puffed

    • avatar this second guy over here

      I refuse to finish reading your comment until you address your dysfunctional shift key.

  14. avatar john westfield


    I see your point but do you really want your hardcore games to become all motion controlls?

    I think MS has already stated that it will make hardcore games with kinect support. basically lil thrills and support that will make the game come more alive. maybe turn only a few on or turn it off and go normal. Maybe in the future you can customise the tech to your liking. theres a lot of possibilities that have not been talked about.

    for instance, choose the hand jesture to through a bomb, head hand movement to show distance. I can see stategy games getting really cool. I mean things can be done.

    the lag issue I don’t care for but just like the wii it has to be redefined. the ps3 had wii do all the work for them. so of course the accuracy is on already,it’s been done for them…

    I just couldn’t shell out for move being that I own a wii.

  15. avatar A.W.

    I can see one just source of anger, which is knowing that microsoft is ripping people off. I mean one of you said that kinect is just “eyetoy” all over again. If you know people, friends, family, that will pay a $110 markup for basically the same thing as eyetoy, if that is the case. (and is it the case? Did the playstation have the same thing in the last generation?)

    I don’t get mad, but then i literally know no one who has a 360 who is likely to care about the kinect.

    I suspect that playstation has actually played this better than the 360. microsoft has tried to make a hail mary promising something i am not sure they can deliver. Certainly i would be very shocked if they can achieve even as much percision as the wii’s motion plus. You take the motion plus, add a camera (as the move does), and you might end up with a very percise controller, which might be really cool. And its my understanding that the programming transfers from wii to ps3 very well. So they might get alot more third party support. The fact you will get Dead Space Extraction for the ps3 bundled with Dead Space 2 suggests some of the possibilities. i would be very curious about an HD remake of Resident Evil 4, with move support, for instance.

    I mean is it even possible to shoot with accuracy on the kinect? If you make a gun shape with your finger, will it have any idea which way you are pointing it?

    And I wonder about something else. There is an eyetoy game called “kinetic.” I wonder if they can make out a trademark infringement claim based on that similarity.

    See the game for yourself, here:

  16. avatar Arch

    Why are people so upset anyway? They were never interested in it to begin with. Nobody really is.

    If a game developer comes out with a game that I’m just completely not interested, like, some obscure racing game, I don’t raaaage over the price of it, because I don’t care about it. They can charge $1m for it if they like. I wouldn’t care, because I wouldn’t buy it even if it were $5.

  17. avatar SONIC

    FOO KING ELL This Kinect is WEll OVER PRICED
    Just for an IR Camera.


  18. avatar SONIC

    PS, in the UK its nearly triple the price.. WTF

  19. avatar Buy oem software online

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  20. avatar Ebelyn

    I can’t believe ppleoe are still arguing over this. BOTH Kinect and Move are heavily flawed and to be honest, a little bit crap. This kind of tech has been around since the days of the NES and it’s still not perfected, i doubt it ever will be. I bought The Fight’ for Move hoping for an adult experience and it was garbage. I bought this, again hoping for a decent game, but it’s broken. The so-called core’ games aren’t happening, Child Of Eden is the best so far, but still better with a pad.

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