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Avatar ImageLEGO StarCraft = EPIC!
By: | July 30th, 2010
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Let’s face it, anything made of LEGOs is cool. But when you take one of the most popular RTS games and combine it with LEGOs, that is just plain epic. Even if you aren’t a fan of StarCraft, you will still appreciate the video.

The four and a half minute animation, created by Kooberz Studios, portrays all of the qualities we know and love from StarCraft. I don’t know about you, but watching SCV resource collection has never been more enjoyable. Anyhow, back to learning my way around StarCraft 2 (I r noob).

Source: MTV

  1. “Made in spite of all the times Ryan Carrier Rushed me while I was learning how to play.” I know the feeling, you just have to wonder where your opponent gets the victory fleet anyway. Fun video despite the Protoss being cheap bastards.

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