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Today IO Interactive announced that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has gone gold and will be hitting store shelves one week earlier than expected.

North American gamers should now plan on picking up their copy (be it PS3, PC or Xbox 360) of the co-op based, third-person shooter on August 17. Europeans will get the game on August 20. Unfortunately for our friends in the East, the Japanese release is still on track for an August 26 release.

Niels J√∂rgensen, general manager of IO Interactive, explained: “The team has worked hard to deliver a game that’s different from the current trend of third-person shooters and we’re so pleased to be able to share it with the world ahead of schedule. With development now complete, why keep people waiting any longer? We want to let gamers experience the game we’ve created and get them online betraying their friends in Fragile Alliance, so we have decided to bring the release date forward by one week.”

Personally, it always makes my day to see a game released ahead of schedule. Being in the gaming news business, I often get depressed seeing game delay after game delay. Hats off to IO Interactive for making my day.

What do you guys think? Does a game being released ahead of schedule make your day like it does mine? Are you guys excited for Kane & Lynch 2? Do you think that this title has the power to eclipse the previous Kane & Lynch blunder?


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