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Now I know we are supposed to write something fancy and formal here.  I get the premise and I appreciate it but actions speak louder than words and by hell this Infamous 2 footage that GameTrailers just dropped screams in your face like a megaphone abusing Godzilla.

The footage, taken in-game from the recently announced Sucker Punch sequel, looks nothing less than phenomenal.  Don’t take my word for it, start the thing running whilst reading this and I guarantee you won’t make it more than a few moments before my words melt away and your eyes melt with tears of joy.

Rivalling the likes of Uncharted 2 the action on display is incredible, and just wait until you see the hurricane move with the chopper at the end of the video… I must admit a mild slackening happened in the jaw region.

The game hits next year but already looks fantastic.  It’s a PS3 exclusive just like the original Infamous.  I for one loved the first title and really could not be any more psyched for Infamous 2 right now!

  1. Played the shit out of the first one. Can’t WAIT for this.

  2. avatar Ferahtsu

    You really weren’t exaggerating. It’s official, Guilty Gear soundtracks make any game epic to the max. (I was listening to “Sheep will Sleep” by Daisuke Ishiwatari while watching this)

  3. I played through the first one twice, so I can’t wait for this one – being able to grind vertically and sideways on buildings was rad to see, and it even looked like some of the environment was destructible this this around? Sweet.

    • I’ve been asked many times why I fell for inFamous so much when it clearly had a few issues last time around. All I can say is that it just “clicked” for me is all. The verticality is very appealing and there definitely is a large amount of destructibility in the environment – I think Brad Shoemaker was talking about it on this weeks bombcast. There really is no other game I am looking forward to as much as this atm.

  4. avatar A.W.

    This makes me feel a little better, but… why did they have to change his voice and look?

    Its not a deal breaker. i mean the original ratchet and clank had a different voice, but the second voice was an upgrade, imho. but it will be hard to make me feel bound to Cole 2.0, you know?

    Also it looks a little easier to grind horizontally, which is a real improvement. One annoyance with the original game was that the character was a little too sticky and you really had to work to figure out how to get him to go horizontally quickly.

    But really did like the combination of “cover shooter,” super powers, platforming, climbing. I think the only chink in the armor was the in-game cutscenes were kind of lame. but that is a really thin criticism. All in all, the game was done very well.

    And putting it in a New Orleans clone could be interesting too.

    i have a good amount of confidence that they will create something good this time around, like last time. I can’t be sure it will be awesome, but I have real cause for optimism.

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