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The downloadable online futuristic shooter Blacklight: Tango Down was released last week, and now we’ve got an opportunity for you to take the battle online absolutely free. We have one copy of the game to give out to a lucky winner, and you’ve got not one but two opportunities to win!

See below for the full rules and to find out how you can enter.

Entry Method 1: All you have to do for one entry is post a comment here in this post. Easy, right? In your comment, tell us a quick little story about the most epic time you put some tangos down. You must be registered on the site with a valid email address on file. Otherwise, we can’t send you a code.

Entry Method 2: You’ll have to be a twitter type to enter this way. Simply follow me, @kauza on Twitter, and RT the contest tweet found here. Easy! Just be sure that you’re following me, or else I can’t DM you the code if you win.

You can enter twice in total, once using each method. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification. Contest open to the US only. Winner will be chosen via a randomized number drawing.

Contest ends at 11:59PM Eastern on Friday, July 16th. Good luck to all!

Update: @dwb6 on Twitter is our winner. Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for more contests like this one coming soon.

  1. avatar Anonymous

    Pretty cool, but pleade do giveaway of Deathspank better.

  2. avatar Cash

    I remember back when I took Tango down when was Tango & Cash!


    P.S. – I tried to register but it wouldn’t let me.

  3. avatar tripmeter

    Looking forward to this game. Looked very promising. And thanks for organizing the contest!

  4. Count this as my entry for the contest!

    Back when I played Modern Warfare 2 I joined a game with a bunch of people lacking mics on my team. I wasn’t wearing mine as it had broken, so I thought we would be screwed in a tactical sense. Luckily, we managed to swarm the enemy team and pin them down with crossfire without any communication between us. Pretty epic.

  5. Game looks very good. Thanks for the contest.

  6. avatar firedog150

    Hello how nice of you.


    When I was playing a smashing round of Bad Company 2, I took a Black-hawk over the A objective on Rush on the first island of Isla Inocentes. I jumped out and the helicopter smashed into someone, then it blew up. I landed near the objective and on the way down took 2 people with the XM8. Switched to the 40MM shotgun and blasted a medic on the other side of the sand bags, armed the objective and then died from a Carl Gustav, a formidable opponent indeed.

  7. avatar crzyjoeguy

    mw2, harrier, chopper gunner 30/2/4

  8. Back on my old Call of Duty 4 days before MW2 came out, I was playing on Downpour on Domination, I managed to get 123 kills, 12 assists and 13 deaths with nothing but an mp5 silenced.

  9. Back in my home country of espania, I threw many a Tango down. It won many a womans hearts and forever placed me in the histories of my homeland.
    Thats my story and I’m sticking to it!

  10. This one time I went up to a soda machine and put some money in. Then I drank the soda. The Tango went down my esophagus.


  11. avatar lightdamage

    Tango is the title of a studio album released by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias on November 19, 1996. This album became his first number-one set on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and the recipient of a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album. Clearly an epic Tango.

  12. Gotta Tango around a bit to get registered for this site. :p

  13. Some guy at work was giving me lip, so I threw down with him using my Charlie-Foxtrot-Tango martial arts, just like Captain Strong of the Onett Police Force taught me. I lost my job, but it was totally worth it.

  14. avatar JohnLocke

    I put down Dave Tango from Ghosthunters at a con, when he asked my name. I put down a few Mango’s as well…or did you guys mean the dance?

  15. I went to Nashville to compete in the first MLG Combine. I had a great time, but the highlight was taking pro player Clutch down in the feature-station free for all!

  16. I actually took a year of ballroom dance lessons… for the ladies! After weeks of practice, I got that Tango DOWN. Spin. Dip. Rose between the teeth. All that jazz. Also got down waltzing, foxtrot, New York hustle, cha cha, salsa, rumba… and some breakdancing because why not?

    Remember: 1… 2… 1, 2, 3! Ole! The ladies LOVE IT.

  17. Avatar Image Sam

    I once ate a Mango. Hated it. I also did the Tango once. I’m bad at dancing so I hated it as well. If someone combined them I would rage.

  18. I killed an entire team of 9 players in MW2 with a single Javelin rocket. I played Ground War on Estate and the entire team was camping on the 2nd floor of the villa. Getting no where by storming the villa, I chose my explosives class equipped with Danger Close and guided a Javelin rocket all the way from the spawn point down at the shed, right through the tiny window in the roof of the villa. The bottom left of my screen looked like a nuke went of and I got a minute of buzzkill, killstreak, etc., messages. I didn’t realize that I killed the entire team until the Pavelow unlocked. I was pretty miffed though afterwards that MW2 doesn’t have a replay feature like Halo 3, because that would have been an awesome video for youtube.

  19. avatar dwb6

    i got a triple collateral damage sniper kill right at the beggining of the level highrise. i also once went 83 kills/4 deaths and with 5 predator missiles, 4 harriers, and 3 chopper gunners. and i actually wasnt camping which was suprising

  20. Avatar Image tmj

    I think the best time I had bringing some tangos down was back in the original BF Vietnam when my buddy and I would kill tons upon tons of people by crashing helicopters into them.

  21. I remember a time when I needed to get some information & had to enter into a Tango competition. I was know as El Lobo…

    …oh wait, nevermind, that was a Lone Gunmen episode…

  22. SOCOM 2, PS2. Desert Glory, SEALs

    I just started the match, immediately laid for for a quick sniper kill… 3 enemies jumped out in a straight line, one shot, three kills. Epic moment. :)

  23. avatar Jared

    I was playing F.E.A.R. 2 and I got flashbanged. So fired my Rocket Launcher and get THREE KILLS WHILE BLIND AHHHHH. *trophy sound*

  24. avatar Tango down

    If Halo 3 counts?? I remember in a capture the flag game where me and a few skilled team members threw all our granades into their base right before capturing our flag. We took them all down, returned our flag and took theres for FTW!

  25. avatar agentcoop007

    <—- this is not the avatar I selected??

  26. avatar agentcoop007

    Okay now that I verifed my account here is my entry…
    “If Halo 3 counts?? I remember in a capture the flag game where me and a few skilled team members threw all our granades into their base right before capturing our flag. We took them all down, returned our flag and took theres for FTW!”
    Mods go ahead and delete the above two posts. Thanks for the giveaway

  27. Damnit! Okay now I’m logged in….
    Okay now that I verifed my account here is my entry…
    “If Halo 3 counts?? I remember in a capture the flag game where me and a few skilled team members threw all our granades into their base right before capturing our flag. We took them all down, returned our flag and took theres for FTW!”
    Mods go ahead and delete the above THREE posts. Thanks for the giveaway… again

  28. My funniest moment in recent memory is when me and my friends are playing our last Spec Ops mission on veteran. I heard the ominous music of the juggernaut spawning, saw it coming up from behind us, panicked and squeezed 3 shots from my sniper rifle…into my friend’s backside.

  29. Count me in.

    I gracefully took down a few tangos by paying off a cute girl at a local smoothie stand. Her work came cheap, fast, and she finished with a smile. My hands clean, I reaped the spoils.

    They were easy enough to find. If you’re trying to avoid detection alter more than the first letter of your handle. Mangos… Foolish.

  30. I downed three glasses of Tang this morning for breakfast. Not necessarily epic, but tasty nonetheless.


    Twitter: @eugaet_aux
    RT’d here:

  31. avatar Anonymous

    I want it!!!

  32. avatar Mike D

    I remember a while back playing a game of single bomb assault in Halo 2 on the map Headlong. This was before Bungie decided to remove the Banshee from the map. We were beating the other team and it came to the final round where they had to plant the bomb. They realized they weren’t going to do it, so they decided to be cheap pricks. One guy flew another guy up to a spot on the map you weren’t supposed to get to (Basically a glitch). The guy had the bomb, and if you remember how Halo 2 worked…if someone had the bomb the overtime clock didn’t count down. So they were trying to make our team quit so they could win using an exploit. The match almost went on for 2 hours…until me and my brother got a hold of a Banshee. I flew him up to the spot the guy was hiding at…he then killed him and we won the match. The best part was when it was all over…the other cheating team still tried to trash talk us as if they had won.

  33. Yesterday I was attacked by ninjas calling themselves “The Tango Seven”. No, really. Naturally I defeated them with my kung fu mastery, but things did get hairy when they pulled out their laser swords.

  34. avatar Mike D

    I can’t seem to register for the site.

  35. Most epic time I put some tangos down? Probably me doing my best impression of ballroom dancing at my cousin’s wedding.

  36. avatar unp

    I was playing gears of war2. execution on river. pre TU3 (new ranking system). first round my team kills 4 guys and I toss a frag up at torque for the last kill. next round I grab snipe, and pop one guy grabbing snipe. rest of team dies and I pop another enemy with snipe. one guy comes up behind me and I manage to melee with snipe for the kill. time limit expires so next round. next round I go for torque. two enemies ran after me and I somehow chainsaw both. a third comes in and I shotgun him. team wipes out the rest and next round starts. I get up to snipe and get disconnected (aka host quits). that was the best time I took down some loc er tangos, even though the stats didn’t count.

  37. A tango, as in an enemy? Just off the top of my head, in the early days of Halo 3 I was driving a chopper(the awesome motor cycle of destruction) and I was chasing after some player. In a desperate attempt to escape my wrath he threw out a grav lift and started hopping away. I use he grav but to get some good air and then boosted into him while he was in mid-air. One of the most epic splatters in Halo 3 history.

  38. I don’t put tangos down. They cower and fall before me.

  39. Bad Company 2 hardcore mode on Rush. I guess I was in a really good spot every time we moved (we were attacking) because when the game ended I was about 40-0. We won the game too.

  40. avatar Rob hestar

    Terroist win!..Awesome contest count me in :)

  41. avatar Justin

    Awesome, the demo was cool!

  42. In R6V2 I was on realistic and was just taking down tangos left and right. Beat the whole campaign without dieing. Can’t wait to play Blacklight.

  43. avatar TommyWAFC

    Want this game so much im in :-)

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