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It’s pretty simple really! Check out the above and below videos for a glimpse at how you can customize your new race choices in the upcoming World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion. The Worgen have a very Twilight vibe to them, and the Goblins, well, apparently love the jungle. Worgens (essentially werewolves) start off in the eerie town of  Duskhaven, located in Gilneas, and the Goblin starting area is located in Kezan.

Apologies for the quality – I wanted to get them up as soon as possible so you guys could have a look. Hit the jump for the Goblins.

  1. avatar NoFuneral

    I have mixed feelings about the new races. I was hoping for something a bit more exciting for the Horde. I’ll just have to upset my friends by making a Goblin tank.

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