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[Updated with a rad new hotrod video, and me busting out my skills at a dance party]

Goblins have long been known in World of Warcraft as the “joke race”. With tons of hilarious characters like Shauly Pore, who constantly spouts the word “buuuuddy”, Dr. Boom, and even Podracers, Goblins are always good for a few laughs. However, in Cataclysm, Goblins are serious business: they’re a full selectable playable race, and a large proportion of them are abandoning their previous stance of neutrality, instead choosing to join the Horde.

Since the beta did not include a full introduction, I recorded my own, which takes place in the starting area, approximately a minute into starting a new character. Stay tuned for my full impressions on both the Worgen and Goblin races in an upcoming Scattershot piece. Spoiler: I like the Worgen a lot more than Goblins at this point.

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