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In true Activision form, Capcom will be pumping out approximately 30% more hit titles every year. How will they accomplish this? By outsourcing to Western studios, Capcom has figured out a way to significantly cut development costs. In fact, they’ve already enlisted the help of Canadian developer Blue Castle for Dead Rising 2: whether the tactic paid off or not is yet to be seen.

Is there too much Activision in your Capcom, or are you happy to see more big name titles from one of the biggest developers of all time? Can Capcom achieve complete global saturation? Sound off below.

Source: Andriasang

  1. Uh … sure? As long as we don’t get an Okami title every year …

  2. I’ll concede that it’s like Activision when they start making new Street Fighter games where you can only play as one character, and to play as Ken, you need to get the “Ken Version” lol. Capcom has been doing outsourcing for a while now, that’s nothing new. When the quality starts taking a hit, then I’ll be concerned.

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