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Today Activision sent word that a new James Bond title will be arriving on the Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC this holiday season. Dubbed James Bond 007: Blood Stone, the third-person shooter is currently being developed by Bizarre Creations (best known for Blur and The Club).

It seems like Activision has really pulled out all the stop for this game. Apparently, Blood Stone will feature an original story by Bruce Feirstein (the guy behind GoldenEye), as well as voice acting from Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and singer Joss Stone. Word also has it that Ms. Stone will be providing the soundtrack with a little help from Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics).

“James Bond 007: Blood Stone captures the cinematic intensity of a Bond film by immersing players in an intriguing conspiracy that will require them to think and act like James Bond,” said David Pokress, Head of Marketing for Licensed Properties, Activision Publishing. “In addition, the game will feature a diverse array of multi-player modes and debut strategic objective-based gameplay that will allow Xbox 360, PS3 and PC players to battle as teams of spies and mercenaries through authentic Bond locales.”

I should also mention that there is also a Nintendo DS port being developed by n-Space (the guys behind the Call of Duty DS ports).  At this point, little is known about the DS title.

What do you guys think about this? Are you excited for a new Bond game? Is there a big following for Bond titles that I don’t know about?

Personally, I haven’t had the chance to pick one up since GoldenEye. Maybe I’m strange, but James Bond never really did it for me. I always found the films boring and drawn out. But then again, what do I know. After all, I consider Big Trouble in Little China to be the best thing to ever grace the silver screen…


  1. Could be good, the Bond games with an original storyline such as Everything or Nothing faired well on the last generation consoles.

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