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Anyone who is familiar with the indie developer ACE Team should know not to be too surprised when its newly announced game, Rock of Ages, is described as “a game of fast-paced strategy, high art… and gigantic boulders of doom.”

Rock of Ages is strategy game where players must construct defenses and raise armies to help protect their castle from a giant marauding boulder, whom their opponent controls. While this may sound absolutely crazy, you should check out the trailer above before passing judgment.

If you think the premise is odd, wait till you hear about the “high art” aspect. According to publisher Atlus, “In addition to offering different terrains and challenges, your boulder will crash through different periods of classical art, introducing the player to a variety of authentic art styles and music from throughout much of human history.”

Right now, Rock of Ages is currently slated to arrive spring 2011 via digital distribution. No platforms have been announced yet, however an Xbox 360 and PC release seem  likely considering Zeno Clash ended up on both.

Personally I’m excited to try this game out. Maybe I’m mistaken, but this game seems to resemble that mini-game in Final Fantasy 7 where you had to fend off the enemy soldiers while protecting some bird on a mountain. I always enjoyed that mini-game and wished for a more fleshed out version. Hopefully Rock of Ages can satiate my weird cravings for obscure tower defense games.

What do you guys think? Does this sound interesting to you? Is this the sort of game you’d expect from the developers of Zeno Clash?


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