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Yes, yes, we all know that the US gang had fun at E3, but while they were relaxing at their lazy convention, we gamers were putting in the hard yards playing videogames.

So what exactly have you been playing this past week? If you managed to hit up E3, be sure to come in and boast about all the awesome games we plebs will have to wait several months to get our hands on.

For the first week in quite a while, I haven’t had much spare time to nut out many new games. While Zenonia 2 (a review will be up in the next couple of days) has been eating up all my free time before sleep, I’ve lately become infatuated with the frustratingly addictive Chase The Dot.

Following all the news at E3 has also made me pine after Mafia 2, so I’ve had to sate my thirst with a reminiscent playthrough of the original classic. Likewise, I’ll be sure to get stuck into the Crackdown 2 demo and share my thoughts in next week’s episode.

For now though,

What about YOU?

  1. Watching E3 coverage made me want to pre-order Medal of Honor for the beta. I pre-ordered Medal of Honor. I was overjoyed to learn that since I had VIP status through BFBC2 that I could play the beta in just a few days! The 17th rolled around and nothing. Seems more and more like the Xbox 360 beta is a figment of my imagination… In preparation for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (whose new CG trailer gave me the chills), I played through the first game and am now playing AC2. Man I love a good story in a game…

  2. avatar Chris Newman

    I’ve been playing TF2 all day every day, occasionally taking breaks to play mirrors edge since it was so cheap on steam the other day

  3. I move this week so I’m stuck with portable stuff only. Right now it’s Advance Wars Dual Strike and Persona PSP. Maybe I’ll have my consoles and stuff set up again next week. Maybe…

  4. Nothing really at the moment other than Peace Walker!

  5. Seeing the Portal 2 demo inspired me to reinstall the original and make a stab at finishing a few things. I am proud to announce that despite Valve’s obvious effort to make Advanced Testchamber 16 a form of psychological torture, Vanilla Crazy Cake is mine.

    • For some reason my computer won’t run the original Portal. It has in the past so I don’t know what the issue is. It starts to load and then just goes completely black…Needless to say, I am not very happy at all. One of my favorite games!

    • You could try checking the game cache, Steam has tools that allow you to check the integrity of the files. It helped when I started getting random crash-to-desktop errors with TF2.

  6. Just got Fallout 3 and wish I’d had it sooner, incredible game. racked up 50 hours already and im not even half way through!

  7. Nothing at the moment…but when I have time, I’ll probably finish Fragile Dreams. I got halfway through it like, months ago, and then never finished it. I don’t like too it much, but the game is so short, I might as well complete it.

  8. Finally felt like starting my first run of Fallout 3. Bit of Bad Company 2, and TF2. Finally started Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PSP) wish I wasn’t so frugal as to not buy it on Wii.

  9. I bought Castle Crashers, Banjo-Tooie and Splosion Man during last week’s sale for a total of 2000 points. Best purchases ever.

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