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You know it’s been a slow week when the only release that piques your interest involves Snoopy.

But that’s okay, because who doesn’t have a ton of games in their backlog that need some lovin. And no, not in that way. I refuse to be responsible for any hospital visits involving cartridges, discs, or controllers. Systems on the other hand… well, send me a picture first. If it’s horrible enough, maybe I’ll send a few bucks your way to help out.

As for what I’m playing, it sounds exactly like last week (surprise, surprise)! Galaxy2, Red Dead Redemption, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and Fractal, are all on my “gotta finish asap” list.

And as for new releases I’m on the lookout for, Naughty Bear is pretty much it. Although Disgaea Infinite and that MegaMan collection look interesting… I guess.

But I would be definitely be down for some multiplayer if anyone else is jammin it. I’ve had an itch to play BF:BC2, MAG, L4D2, and SC: Conviction lately. So if you’ve got those collecting dust on your shelf, hit me up. I don’t have family/friends in town this weekend so I’ll just be sitting around watching TV and playing games in my boxers until Sunday night instead of being drug to every used bookstore within the state of Nebraska.

But enough about me. What are YOU playing?

  1. The Prince of Penis Trilogy

    • Are you gonna be playing the new game between the first and second of that trilogy (I ask cause that’s where it’s supposed to take place chronologically).

    • We’ll see how much patience I have. I really didn’t think it was going to be so frustrating.

      Speaking of difficulty, we’ll have to do some L4D2 Expert Realism!

  2. HL2 achievements are bugged, and I’m saying this because I’ve tried every possible way of getting them save reinstalling the game. That should explain what I’ve doing recently.

    I started a second Okami playthrough, but no one cares about that.

    • I care about that. Great game, loved it on PS2.

    • I’ve had Okami on my “need to play” list forever now. Are you playing on PS2 or Wii? And as for anyone else who has played them, which is worth while?

    • Wow, I wasn’t expecting a positive response …

      I’m playing the Wii version, haven’t been able to try the PS2 version. As far as which version is better, there are HUGE debates about that, though the general impression I’ve heard is that the PS2 version has more reliable gameplay and the Wii version looks more impressive graphically.

    • You know, I only tried to play Okami once. I was (admittedly unfairly) turned off by the game when, after sitting through most of the absurdly long intro cinematic…it froze. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

    • It seems like a game that’s right up my ally… issue is that when it was out on PS2, mine was busted. And my brother got it on Wii and flaked on letting me borrow it before he sold it. I bumped it up to the top of my “hunt down” list since I’ll hit the used stores tomorrow probably.

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Got 100% of the Assassins Creed II trophies. Still playing BC2 online, picked up a copy of UT 2K4 for fun.

    • Congrats on the AC2 trophies. If I see that on a good sale I may try it, but the first game was so bad I just can’t force myself to pay anything for a sequel.

    • avatar Ferahtsu

      I was lucky to borrow it, like I did for the first one. The ending, and a unlockable video, blew my mind. Now I’m hooked for the sequel.

    • avatar Indy

      A wonefrdul job. Super helpful information.

  4. Well, I recently started Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, which is going to be GREAT. And I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible.

    Other than that, catching games of Heroes of Newerth, and playing Rocket Knight in my spare time. I’m at the very last boss of the hardest difficulty!

  5. Tiger Woods 11 and Skate 3 for review. Trying to fit in some Blur in there too.

  6. Finally got some time for gaming tonight! Got my laptop back, so I’m working on the last act of The Witcher. Worth picking up off Steam if you’ve never played it and you want a game with a ballsy story and player choice system.

    Once that’s done, I’ve got Alan Wake, Alpha Protocol, and SMG2 waiting in the wings. By the time I finish those, it’ll be Transformers and Crackdown 2 time.

    Been playing LOADS of iPhone games of late — the good’ns were: Chaos Rings, Ace Attorney, Solomon’s Keep, Warpgate, and Robot Unicorn Attack (my new best is 43222).

  7. I’ve been logging some time with The Settlers 7. Previous entries in the series were pretty mediocre and the Anno series did city-building better, but it looks like Blue Bytes finally got something right with this version. I’ve really been enjoying it.

  8. I’m currently 105 stars into Super Mario Galaxy 2. I should finish that soon, right around the same time the Starcraft 2 Beta ends. That will be a sad day. :-(

    • Look on the brightside, unless there’s another delay, it means the full release is just that much closer.

      Also, there are probably other games you could be wasting your time on instead of playing SC2beta over and over again.

  9. Kingdom Hearts, it’s been a couple years. Can’t help but smile when playing it (except for the Gummi Ship parts lol).

    • I’ve actually never finished Kingdom Hearts. I really need to find the time to play that game again.

    • I couldn’t get far in the first game… I should probably give it a second try sometime, but my backlog is massive. Why can’t the industry take a year off or something?

    • I beat every level of the Gummi Ships with the default ship by just flying foward and shooting. Admittedly, I lost on the verrry last level…but I tried it again and it worked, lmao.

    • Oh I know the Gummi parts are easy I just HATE playing them. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite games though, I definitely recommend you guys give it a second chance. Oddly enough I didn’t like the sequels as much because I found the plot with Organization XIII lame.

  10. avatar Eldora

    I was looking everywhere and this popped up like nothnig!

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