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Ten years after the Total War series launched with Shogun: Total War, Creative Assembly has come full circle.  After bringing the series’ trademark to medieval Europe, ancient Rome, colonial Europe, and Napoleonic Europe, Creative Assembly today announced the development of Shogun 2: Total War to be released in February of 2011.

Shogun 2 will return players to the Sengoku period during 16th century Japan, the same chronological setting as the first Shogun.  As a Daimyo, players will be tasked with handling all diplomatic and military matters to unite Japan under their reign.

Creative Assembly seems to be addressing the long running issue of lacluster AI of the Total War series, noting that it has been “developed according to Sun Tzu’s principles in the Art of War.” The studio has also confirmed a few features in Shogun 2 including naval warfare and deformable terrain resulting from weather.  Creative Assembly will be using a character progression system that allows players to assume leadership of one of nine clans and level up a warlord and emissaries through military engagements.

Fans longing for more comprehensive Total War multiplayer can rejoice, as Creative Assembly has confirmed an unspecified number of new multiplayer modes, which support up to eight players both competitive and cooperatively.

Source: Gamespot

  1. Wow, this is awesome news. I was pretty enthralled with Total War, but was a bit overwhelmed by how enormous the game was. Since this focuses on one country, hopefully it won’t be as brain busting.

  2. avatar GreyWolf

    Brilliant, been a fan since the first Shogun Total War and I’m stoked their redoing it before the inevitable reboot of Rome.
    Hopefully we’ll finally get the co-operative campaign that this game deserves.

  3. avatar ForumTroll

    Ahh finally… and yes I will marry you Total War I thought you’d never ask! Seriously though I’m looking forward to this game.

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