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Welcome to your Weekly Recap! I’d apologize for this being late, but I’m not at all sorry. The sleep I got earlier was fantastic, and so was the KFC I got after waking up (see above header)… and the Adventure Time I watched while eating was superb.

But enough with the intro and details of my day… today has had a wealth of news hit the site, even though E3 is just around the corner (and as you can tell, we’re gearing up for the madness). So before any more news or reviews/features get posted, I’d better get this danged recap posted. And you’d better get it read! Chip chop!!!

Although Michael is hopeful that Half-Life 2: Episode 3 could it be at E3, no one else seems to believe it even exists anymore. What do you think? Vaporware or just a superlong dev cycle?

I’ve never seen even a second of LOST, and so I’m keeping it that way. But feel free to join Curtis and the others at mocking its censorship.

Grahame posted his video interview of Elaine Smith recently. You should stop in and watch the vids. He’s gonna be the next 60 Minutes anchor. I can just see it now…

Still unsure about Monster Hunter Tri? Check out Michaels review of it here. For my own money, it was well worth it and I plan on continuing it once I knock out a few other games that popped up recently.

Bethesda Softworks’ E3 Lineup looks pretty sweet. I’m sure we’ll be flooded with other E3 posts and updates soon, so why not start the hype of E3 right now!!!

Jumping in with almost no knowledge of Snoopy or Schulz, Andrew has given Snoopy Flying Ace the highest score in his reviewing career. If that doesn’t say something about how great the game is, then his review definitely does… so read that.

Although the genre and product placement of Alan Wake may be questionable, it seems that the game itself is not.

You may be wondering if Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is just a TF2 clone or whether it’s… something more. Well, then, it’s a good thing Curtis reviewed it for ya! And he may have just answered your question as well.

Although Blur and Split/Second share unfortunately close release dates, they have turned out to be quite different games. I’d definitely read Kevin and Martin’s take on each before throwing down green based on a coinflip or rock-paper-scissors match with the Walmart electronics employee at 3am. Although you may still want to do the latter…

Sean may have been excited about reviewing RayStorm HD, the graphically upgraded remake of the PSone classic, but I doubt he’d do it again if he had a pimped out DeLorean.

Jason wins the awesome award of the week with his Mad-Libs style editorial, Fill In The RPG Cliche. If you don’t honestly laugh out-loud while reading it, I’d wager to say you’ve either never played an RPG or someone broke your funny bone.

Back for a second week, Andrew’s We Need to Talk feature is asking What Games in 2010 Trying to Say. And, as a discussion-based feature, we definitely want your feedback.

Thomas wants to sit down and discuss The Future of Our Hobby with you. Won’t you join him?

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping in and be sure to check back often. We have an E3 team gearing up and roadtripping out to Cali this week so I’m sure there will be some hilarious stories from that. And I’ve heard that the Limitcast Guys will be recording some stuff while together for the conference.

And although I doubt anyone else likes Tim/Eric stuff… one of their regulars, Richard Dunn, passed away recently so I thought I’d leave you with one of his awesome performances this week.

Sorry about the squirrel bones, Richard.

  1. Much obliged for the recaps, good sir!

    Ah, to be young and able to eat crap like that at will — just looking at that header makes my left arm feel numb.

    • Oh, I’m sure I’ll regret it someday… but ya only live once. And who really needs to live past 65 anyway!? It’s only downhill from there.

  2. Come and French me boys.

  3. That is a very questionable header image, sir.

  4. You know, I survived Wendy’s bacon-something-or-other, but one of those is just too much.

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