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A lot of people are skeptical about the future of 3D gaming on consoles, but until recently, I was not one of them.  Actually, one of the highlights of E3 I was most looking forward to was finally getting my hands on some of the 3D games Sony announced for the PS3, like Killzone 3 and Wipeout HD.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had such high hopes though, because if there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that few things ever live up to the hype.  Now that I’ve played multiple PS3 games in 3D, I’m here to explain why the console isn’t quite ready to jump into the third dimension just yet.

Let me reiterate how extremely excited I was to finally get a chance to play games in 3D at E3.  I am one of the few proponents of the technology who believes that, if done properly, it can help immerse players more into the games they love.  I’ve seen it used in remarkable ways in movies like Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon, and if it can help make those movies more enjoyable, it can help games as well.

With my high expectations in tow, I quickly made my way over to the Killzone 3 booth when the show first started and waited in a 45 minute line to finally get a chance to play the game in 3D.  Awaiting me there was an unexpected reality check.  Not only did the 3D fail to enhance my experience in any way, it actually distracted me and took away from the gameplay.

When I first put on the 3D glasses and gazed out onto the snowy plains of Helghast, I was amazed with how it all looked.  I could immediately feel a spatial difference between the foreground and background, and it indeed made me feel like things in the distance were physically far away.  As I delved deeper into the level, I started to realize that it might all be a trick.

After playing for a while I started to wonder if the background was actually rendered in 3D or not.  It was as if only the foreground was rendered in the third dimension for a feeling of depth, but the background was still a plain old 2D matte surface.  I’m not sure if this was the case, but that’s the feeling that started to soak in after playing the game for a while.

What’s worse is that the sensation of depth eventually became a huge distraction and I found myself playing worse than expected.  My eyes kept constantly switching from wanting to focus on the foreground to the background, and it was hard to pay attention to the action going on in the distance.  When you are playing a game where all the action occurs in the background, you don’t want your eyes to get confused about where to look.

After killing tons of Helghast, I next moved onto Wipeout HD to find out if the third dimension could help enhance my futuristic racing experience in any way.  Once again, my very first impression of the 3D visuals was a good one.  Thanks to the feeling of depth, I could actually tell how far my anti-gravity craft was hovering over the track. It was an incredible sensation that made the tracks feel more real and life-like, immersing me even more into the world of the game.

Once the action on screen started moving though, and my craft began zooming down the track, I immediately could tell something was off.  The entire HUD was placed way in the foreground to give a feeling of separation between it and everything in the background.  While this helps to make the HUD stand out, it unfortunately helps a little too much.

You see, whenever your craft bounces on the track or collides with something, the HUD shakes violently.  This typically isn’t a problem in the 2D version of the game, but because the HUD is placed spatially in the foreground in the 3D version, it becomes a major distraction.  The effect is extremely similar to what I was experiencing with Killzone 3, where my eyes couldn’t decide whether to focus on the foreground or background, resulting in me getting confused and distracted.

Another problem with the 3D version of Wipeout HD is that for some reason once you put the 3D glasses on, the screen becomes extremely dark.  Now Wipeout is usually a bright and vibrant game, so to see the entire screen bathed in a dark cloud is a little disturbing and can cause major problems when trying to race.  I was not the only one who noticed this, as I talked to many people who played the game and they all complained that it was too dark.

Wipeout HD wasn’t the only game that had darkness problems when using the 3D glasses.  MotorStorm Apocalypse was another new title that was on display showing off its 3D gameplay.  It was also running into the same dark cloud problems that plagued some of the other games.

Both myself, and the guy I was playing with, were constantly running into walls due to the track being way too dark.  Obviously, you do not want to be running into walls when playing a racing game.  Doing this has a tendency to end very badly.  Did I mention that the track takes place during the day, out in the bright sunlight?  Does anyone else see a major problem here?

What was even more disappointing about MotorStorm Apocalypse was that the 3D didn’t enhance the game in any way.  It was simply used as a cheap gimmick to make it feel like debris, dust, and people were flying up in your face when racing.  I bet they even added the pedestrians you can hit just to have them fly at you in 3D.  Otherwise they just feel out of place in a MotorStorm game.

The last game I tried in 3D was the new Sly Cooper Collection.  Out of all the titles I played, this was easily the only one that contained any bright glimmer of hope for the future of 3D gaming.  Maybe it was due to the cell shaded graphics, or perhaps it was the light hearted mood and simple use of the 3D to make everything on the screen feel like it had depth.  Whatever it was, Sly Cooper was the only title that looked good in 3D.

I tried out a flying level, and a boss level that took place in a bamboo forest, and both looked incredible.  I wasn’t blown away by any stretch of the imagination, but the 3D did enhance my gameplay experience, and made me feel like I was really “in the game”.

Now, before I wrote this article, I decided to ask other people who had high hopes for 3D gaming on the PS3 to see whether they were impressed or not.  The resounding response I got was that everyone was really let down; not only by the games I’ve mentioned here, but by others as well.  Gran Turismo 5 was a huge title that got a lot of negative comments about its 3D enhancements.

It probably didn’t help that while Sony was trying to show off their 3D games, requiring the use of glasses; Nintendo was about 50 feet away demoing the new glasses-free 3DS.  Not only was it nice not having to wear glasses, all the games were bright and vibrant, and they all seemed to utilize the 3D effect in a way that enhances the gameplay experience.  When there’s competition like that, it’s hard to make a good first impression.

I hope someone from Sony actually reads this article, because I need them to know that from what I’ve seen so far, the future of 3D gaming on the PS3 is not a bright one.  I do still have high hopes that they can turn it around.  They just need to solve many of the problems I’ve mentioned here, like the screen being too dark, the foreground distracting too much from the background, and the 3D effects feeling too cheap and gimmicky.  Perhaps Sony should take a good look at the 3DS to understand what Nintendo is doing right, because as it stands now, the PS3 isn’t doing much that is positive for 3D gaming.

  1. avatar plmko

    On the contrary many sites (including IGN) actually went from skepticism to generally suprised at how well it worked.

  2. avatar Anonymous

    Thanks for the well thought-out article. I hope Sony, and everyone else making 3D games reads it.

  3. The main failing to me is that Sony expects us all to jump through hoops to experience 3D, from the glasses to the 3D TV. Nintendo instead just gives us a portable console that has everything required for 3D right there, and even gives the option to reduce or turn off the effect if we don’t like it. Sure, a 3D effect would likely look more impressive on a huge screen rather than a small DS screen, but at this point, I don’t care enough about 3D to put in any effort to experience it aside from buying a DS, which I want to do anyway.

  4. I’m pretty much with Andrew on this one.

  5. avatar Anonymous

    These are the first 3d games. Super Stardust HD developer, for example, said they added 3d and tested until not long ago using only anaglyph glasses because 3d TV weren’t available. You haven’t tried SS HD but maybe all the developers had these problems.

  6. avatar RuddigerPez

    Hmmm, it sounds like since you weren’t used to it and since it made you feel like you played worse, you think it wasn’t done correctly. Though it really sounds like your problem.

    I also won’t like 3D, but I’ll fully admit its my problem, as I have only one good eye. 3D of any kind will be useless to me, which sucks if it really takes off, and I can only hope that all 3D effects will still have the option of being rendered in 2D for cyclops like myself.

    As for the price points, its the same contention that was made when it came to HD. It won’t be a long-term barrier when it comes to adoption if the 3D is done right. The main difference here is that this change comes so soon after many have switched to HD. I for one am looking forward to upgrading my HD LCD to a top of the line 2D TV that will undoubtedly be on clearance if 3D takes off.

  7. avatar Anonymous

    well, i say its a legitimate reason to not like it if the 3D distracts u. however, as a journalist, he should know that thats PERSONAL/subjective opinion. i mean wtf. it distracted u???

    and the reason that made game look darker is because it probably uses polarization instead of shutter tech (which doesnt affect brightness much).

    and back ground being 2D??? i mean wtf?? in real life, everything thats far away enough to be in the background looks 2 D to ur eye.

    this guy is bringing up most ridiculous reasons.

  8. avatar Anonymous

    well, i say its a legitimate reason to not like it if the 3D distracts u. however, as a journalist, he should know that thats PERSONAL/subjective opinion. i mean wtf. it distracted u???

    and the reason that made game look darker is because it probably uses polarization instead of shutter tech (which doesnt affect brightness much).

    and back ground being 2D??? i mean wtf?? in real life, everything thats far away enough to be in the background looks 2 D to ur eye.

    this guy is bringing up most ridiculous reasons.

  9. avatar Anonymous

    and btw. all u have to do it make it brighter is to use a 3DTV with shutter tech(which is going to be every 3D tv produced from now on)

  10. avatar gadget

    shut up denial xbot and idiotic PS3 hater.

  11. avatar Anonymous

    Every other impression with Sony 3D is very positive so far (IGN and other reviewers), so you’re in the minority, but to each his own I guess.

    Some people seem to disagree with you on Nintendo 3DS too, even Kojima stated the eyes couldn’t stand it for too long…

  12. avatar VR-4nic

    This guy does contradict himself a few times. ” I was amazed how it all looked” or with Wipeout HD ” Once again my first impression was a good one” But the goes on to say that ” Whatever it was, Sly Cooper was the only title that looked good in 3D.” Whatever Bro! I think your the problem with the 3D in this case. I’ve played the 3D downloads off PSN on a 40″ LED Samsung and must say I was amazed! I will admit that Sonys 3D is not prefect but this is probably more a game software issue then a problem with the actually 3D tech itself. Anyways with any new tech you will have these growing pains, there were plenty of articles like this when HDTVs first hit the market too.

  13. I’m wondering if it’s wise to comment on this, given some of the responses …

    As far as your description of the games, it does sound like there’s a legitimate gripe in their design. I’m more inclined to blame the developers than Sony on this one, given the fact that this is pretty much untested ground. The early Wii titles had similar issues.

    Then again, considering that Sony does have some control over the software that uses its platform, it’s vitally important they put some pressure on developers to fix any issues.

    Personally, I doubt Sony will read this, but I do expect that if your points aren’t corrected, their revenues will take a hit, and THAT they will read.

  14. I love how these anonymous individual(s) blame Shawn for not using the “right” 3D tv, when it was Sony that provided the TVs, games, and 3D glasses.

  15. avatar Anonymous

    lol, So every big game that sony plans on doing 3d is awful huh? you are a troll, you know why? instead of using a pic of the new tech glasses, you use a pic of those RIDICULOUS blue/red glasses, all in hopes of exacerbating that your an MS troll.

  16. avatar Anonymous

    pretty subjective review. maybe you have too small an attention span for 3d?

  17. avatar dungu

    pretty subjective review. maybe you have too small an attention span for 3d?

  18. avatar Anonymous

    dude, why don’t you just stop playing games and let gamers lead the way. have fun playing on your 4inch 3ds screen. troll

  19. avatar what

    I played Killzone 3 at E3 this year and it was amazing, I loved it my brother was shocked as well it’s so good, maybe 3d is just not for everyone or maybe just not for xbots.

  20. avatar some guy

    i hope this 3d fad will die soon, im sick of how every movie coming out nowadays has it and im sick of the fact that gaming is trying to get into it. It’s a FAD people! dont give in to it!!

  21. avatar Tim

    Wow. Just because he has a bad experience with 3D, he’s a troll and Xbot? Did he mention the 360? Nope. You guys are the trolls. You keep posting about how stupid he is. Stop being douches and let him have his opinion. I’m a Nintendo guy, but if someone isn’t a fan of The Legend of Zelda, I don’t call them a stupid fanboy. Get over it.

  22. A recipe to cause a PS3 Fanboy to asplode is to say you are a PS3 Fanboy yourself, you just don’t like an aspect of the PS3.

    In this case, 3D.

  23. avatar Dirk

    My main problem is I wear prescription glasses for reading and playing video games. While I technically don’t need them for driving I am not at the top of my ability without my glasses. I have never been able to use 3D glasses for more than 10-15 minutes without causing myself a major headache. Sony’s method will not work if the glasses are required.

  24. Hehe, it’s like my infamous PS3 Firmware article all over again!

  25. avatar Spear

    Why would you want a company to read this article? Do you not think these issues were discussed along with the plans for 3D?
    IMHO it will be funny if it turns out PS3′s 3D was cool, affordable and easy to use.

    Right now, there’s no reason to jump to such a conclusion that PS3s 3D is plain bad. After all, these are 1st generation console 3D games, which are only available on the PS3. Haters miss out :P

    HDTVs and Blu-Ray had their share of skepticism, they turned out great and affordable. I say Sony takes riskier risks than the competition. Microsoft is planning 3D for XBox 360 as well, can’t wait to see the gut reactions for that one…

    • I don’t think it would be funny if PS3′s 3D will be cool, affordable, and easy to use, that would b really awesome. And i’m 100% positive that Shawne is in complete agreement.

  26. avatar Anonymous

    @Dirk I wear prescription glasses while using 3DTV’s as the shutter glasses are designed to fit over your current ones.

    I do believe the author has some legitimate concerns. However as others have stated, this is a very subjective and inconsistent article and to call the future of 3D gaming “not bright” based on this is unjust.

  27. avatar rickles

    “”When you are playing a game where all the action occurs in the background, you don’t want your eyes to get confused about where to look.”"

    that would be IN THE BACKGROUND,then.

    You use the phrase “cheap gimmick” to sum up your impression of 3D on Motorstorm 3. Is that a comment about 3D itself or the way it is handled? There is a blurry line between your criticism of the game and of 3D as a special effect. To put it bluntly, you are obviously bitching here.

    If your title is to be believed, we should expect the PS3′s 3D to be specifically bad, although you seem to criticize 3D as a “cheap gimmick” by itslef.

    For example the part about the darkness of the screen, which has nothing to do with 3D being good or bad. If we followed you there, there would be no hope for “good” 3D, and therefore no reason to bash the PS3 about it.

    So which one is it?

    As a WipEout veteran, I know one thing: people suck at it. You sucked at it, and your gregarian bitch instinct found confort in the fact that others did as bad as you, therefore blaming the game.

    As for the hud trembling, there is a solution: just don’t hit the walls. Which is kind of the point. I have read many reviews of Wipeout HD 3D, which has been in development for quite a while, from Digital Foundry, a serious and non trolling publication, and they didn’t mention the darkness of the screen as something that would render a game unplayable.

    A cinema screen is not much more luminous than most home sets (I should think 3D tvs are extra cutting edge and extra brighty for that reason), and Avatar still looked good. Bitching. Bitching and obvious trolling. I don’t know how you get paid for that. Badly done!

    It’s obvious by your photographs that you were playing under spotlights, in a well lighted place. This should not be a problem with a dark place like your living room.

    And yes, I have tried 3D at local stores, it’s FINE.

    • Check your facts. I’ve found trolls on Digital Foundry. And if someone sucks at Wipeout HD, but they still like the game, the HUD rumbling in 3D shouldn’t affect how they play. Just because you’re a “veteran” at Wipeout doesn’t mean the 3D won’t affect you.

      And if you have EVER looked at ANY of the safety warnings for ANY game or console, it states to play in a WELL LIT ROOM. Not everyone lives and plays in a crack den.

  28. avatar wtfwtfwtf

    So it sucks because you are too stupid to focus on the game? Jimmy Fallon was able to play what was probably a far more epic part of the game then what you played for Killzone 3 and he was like “HOLY SH#%”and played it like any normal gamer. A talk show host who loves gaming but doesn’t act to serious most of the time did better off then you… Who thinks you are so smart probably from writing a huge article and trying to add detail to it…. You absolutely fail…

  29. Someone’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

  30. It’s the invasion of the anonymous PS3 fanboy! run for your lives!

  31. I haven’t seen anything, either the 3D PS3 or the 3DS. As a gamer and not a very rich one, I have to agree with Andrew. It sounds to me like Nintendo is doing it right and Sony is trying to keep up.

  32. avatar 333

    man you are fucking blind i played killzone 3 and motorstorm apocalypse in 3D at E3 they were fucking amazing

  33. avatar loki

    just in case people don’t realize yet, you can buy any samsung or mitsubishi dlp tv and it will be 3d ready. sure, its not an lcd or plasma but you can get a pretty nice 60-65″ 3d ready tv for $1000. stop complaining about how 3d is not affordable and do your research.

  34. avatar VR-4nic

    Nintendos 3DS is just about guaranteed to be a success and with all big blockbuster movies coming out in 3D these days I think its only a matter of time before its in the majority of our home TVs/Gaming. I was a sceptic at first but I actually had a much better experience on a 3D 40″ LED Samsug then I did at the IMAX with Avatar! I did find the IMAX screen to be a little darker then I’d like but thats probably from the screen not being back lite. I know the glasses at the IMAX weren’t shutter glasses either. This article really makes no difference what so ever because 3D is here to stay like it or not! I personally have to applaud Sony for all the big risks they take and keeping thing interesting!

  35. avatar Makidian

    Whether you realize this or not, the tone of this article and some of the comments suggest a clear bias in favor of the 3DS because it only requires the purchase of the 3DS and not a TV. Your comment about letting the numbers decide which has the better 3D experience is moot since they are entirely different types of 3D. It would be more prudent to compare 3D between the Xbox or PS3 but since the Xbox doesn’t have any 3D games on the horizon that can be hard. Also, Killzone 3 and Motorstorm don’t come out until next year so your opinion should reflect that fact, and not just a comment made in passin. As a games journalist you should not hold a bias for any one system nor should you deride Sony, or Microsoft for that matter, because you have to buy a 3DTV to play a game in 3D. Your hand isn’t being forced since the game comes in both original and 3D flavors so there’s no reason to say that Nintendo is offering a better solution because you don’t have to buy a 3DTV. If you think for one second that playing a 3D game on a four inch screen for extended play sessions is going to epic and awesome you clearly do not know what you are talking about as it will be much harder to focus on the little screen for long periods of time without serious eye strain and probable headaches. That isn’t to say the exact same thing won’t happen with a 3DTV but in this instance neither can be effectively compared and you are in the minority in your opinion. IGN is not the most reptuable source but most game sites have been pretty happy with what they saw at E3 last week. Your opinion is valid but it wasn’t an effective argument so try harder next time to keep the tone of your displeasure clear and realistic.

  36. Has anyone considered that as of current the 3DS is simply less costly than a 3D-ready PS3?

    *runs for cover*

  37. avatar name

    ah you do realize most 3D games are PRE ALPHA right?
    cut them some slack most of the games are not going to be out for at least another 8 months!
    BTW if your going to flack something make sure you are well experienced in it!
    you cant say ps3 doe poor 3D off demos of games, most of said games wont be out for another 8 + months!

    for your information ps3 does 3D extremely well, in fact better for its price than my 4K gaming PC!
    my old HD TV died on my a few weeks ago so i went and bought a 56 inch panasonic neon 3D plasma and PAIN along with MSPR look amazing in 3D!
    some almost look as good as some PC 3D games ive played like metro 2033, resi 5 or even the highly acclaimed metro 2033!

    when it comes to value the ps3′s 3D is MUCH better value than the PCs, sure its not quite as good but its close enough.
    it cost me 900 bucks for a nvidia 480GTX another 800 for a alienware AW2310 and another 300 for the nvidia glasses and thats only 1 pair the TV came with 3!
    upgrading my PC for 3D gaming set me back a cool 2K! and thats all it can be used for my PC, i cant hook up my ps3 too it, 360, PSP NOTHING!
    not to mention my rams running constantly at 90% so i will need to buy some more, there goes another 400+

    my panasonic set me back 3400, 1400 more but i can do much, much more with it than i can my PC.
    hell im using my ps3 on my new panasonic to write this now!
    not to mention the higher refresh rated of 3D sets make things look so much smoother and better!
    i nearly shat my pants when i got my new TV and played uncharted 2 on it, it looks so much better than my old set!

    • It may be pre-alpha, but these are HIS impressions of the pre-alpha stage, and from what he saw, he wasn’t too impressed. And I think you’re missing the point of the title, my friend.

  38. avatar Richie

    Your just hating on 3D!!!! Complaining because the HUD moves round when you crash on Wipeout 3D. Come on man it’s a tiny little thing in the corner of the screen.

  39. avatar MacBeth

    Why the need of such offensive headlines? Makes me (the average reader) think of it as kinda cheap way of getting attention. I can make a offensive headline too! Even better i can make it for free! How bout this:

    Shawn Evans only does everything, except good journalism.

    I call for a wee bit of humility in gaming journalism. Im so sick and tired of 90% of all articles turning into a fanboy war. And yes, it is entirely possible to write good articles without the need of constant bashing of xbox, ps3,developers,games…

  40. avatar Youknowwho

    GamerLimit likes trolling N4G for hits with this flamebait crap of an article. But what do you expect it is Gamerlimit after all notorious for trolling.

  41. The only people responsible for making this a “fanboy” war are some of the commenters. That’s usually how it goes on gaming sites, however.

    First, I was at E3 as a journalist, and was able to get my hands on the 3DS unlike most if not all of the commenters. Yes, it is absolutely amazing. I’ve seen a lot of 3D technology through having a background in film, and Nintendo has made a quantum leap forward with the tech. If you haven’t actually held a 3DS in your hand, you have no idea whether Shawn is being a fanboy or relating to you the facts as to how amazing the 3DS is.

    I am not a Nintendo player this generation, thus far, incidentally. I have a DS Lite and a GameCube, but most of my gaming takes place on the 360 and the PS3. I have no vested interest in proclaiming how awesome Nintendo is. It’s simply a matter or reporting on new hardware, and the 3DS is amazing. Done and dusted.

    If one wants to opine about the state of the “journalism” in this piece, consider that it is labeled “editorial.” That means the author is making a personal statement. The “standards” of journalism that those of you complaining would seek to apply are inappropriate. This is not a straight-up reporting of an event, this is a piece in which Shawn expresses HIS opinion as to the state of 3D on the PS3. Therefore, as long as he can back up why he feels the way he feels (which he did on multiple counts) there is no foul here, and if you don’t like what he’s saying that has more to do with your maturity level and tolerance of an opinion that you may not like, and nothing to do with the quality of his journalism.

    If you want to talk about the state of games journalism, consider that IGN had a chance to check out Killzone 3D a few weeks *before* E3 took place, likely at a time and place selected by Sony, in an environment specifically-constructed to provide the best experience possible for the journalist. They did not try it on the show floor at E3 and make their decisions there. They likely had someone from Sony hanging over their shoulder the entire time, feeding them the official PR script and monitoring their every word and reaction. IGN then feels it has to protect that level of access by not being too critical about the technology no matter what they might personally think.

    Learn how games journalism works before complaining about games journalists. Chances are the way you think this work is conducted bears little resemblance to the truth.

  42. avatar Jason Gludd

    great article. your opinions are duly noted. my only concern is that in your killzone pic i noticed guys were sitting really close to the tv. does that not take away from the 3d experience?

    • Jason, that’s a good question. With every game I played I was always only a couple of feet from the TV. I couldn’t get farther away thanks to the 3D glasses being bolted to the TV set with a short wire. I’m honestly not sure if being the typical 8-10 feet away would have made a major difference, but now I’m interested in finding out.

  43. avatar Jason Gludd

    great article. your opinions are duly noted.

  44. Excellent article and it’s nice to see some honest impressions that incorporate the gameplay and not just the “oh it’s so pretty” first impressions of the graphics. This rather confirms my own thoughts.

    I think that 3D will be nice for some movies that make good use of the tech, but as you’ve said, for gaming I think it might be distracting and even wearing after awhile.

  45. avatar D.Vader


    Yeah but the DS is for FAGS.

  46. avatar Anonymous

    Christopher can you please stop spamming up the whole comment board? Its very clear what your opinion is, so let people have theirs. Anyway everyone knows that the 3ds is highly praised and expect it to destroy the only other competition. Another article I read however says that Sony made it work very well, they expected to be distracted but the cross hairs on the weapons lined up perfectly well and the backgrounds looked amazing. There was likely a Sony rep. peering over the journalist’s shoulder when he wrote that though. Hopefully They do improve on the flaws of 3d gaming, it would be pretty sweet to play games in 3d. Good article btw

  47. I think its great that they are trying to innovate and do things that haven’t been done before but it is something that I will not be experiencing anytime soon. The price of a 3D television set is completely out of the question, especially given that I haven’t even upgraded to a HDTV.

    I think Nintendo has the upper hand in this aspect in that they’re coming out with a handheld device that does not require eye-wear. For $ XYZ you get the console with 3D capability that every game is using. What Sony is doing is splitting its audience…which is fine for the consumer that purchases one way or the other, but might be incredibly expensive for already incredibly high development costs if hardly anyone uses the 3D capabilities of the system.

    After playing The Conduit and seeing how well an IR/Motion FPS can control, I would much rather purchase a Move controller for Killzone 3 than experience it in 3D.

  48. avatar Nuno

    “The PS3 only does everything, except good 3D”, says the article.

    But the “journalist” arguments that SOME games are too dark, others don’t have enough 3d features.
    And in others, he was distracted of the gameplay because of the… errm… 3d.

    You may say that “some developers aren’t using 3D properly”.
    You may say that “3d, in general, isn’t good for gameplay” (although I would then reply that you must have been one of those guys who were also against HD consoles).
    You may say that “veteran players will probably suffer before they get acostumed to 3D games”.

    Still sir, it looks to me that the PS3 DOES good 3D.
    At least that’s what you say during your article. Or maybe I should check for the definition of “amazed”, “spatial difference”, “incredible”, “real and life-like”.

    Oh, BTW, that 3D effect? It’s REALLY a trick. The Helghast mountains aren’t really far away, they just look like they do. Besides being virtual, they are actually being displayed on that TV next to you!
    (on the same note, I hate to tell you, but Mario doesn’t have a moustache. They are just a bunch of black pixels that look like a moustache. Actually, it’s just a trick)

  49. avatar Anonymous

    the ipod could pull this off way before the 3ds came out

  50. avatar spunwicked

    t r o l l f e s t

  51. avatar Just so you know

    “Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics, even if you win you’re still retarded”

  52. avatar Dr Madnar Petrovich

    It is sad when people who don’t have the money for buying a brand new TV set, are trying to pull 3D effects down in the mud with them. Glasses or not, I have the dough to buy a new Samsung 3D TV, and I will! I have been a hardcore gamer since the mid late 80′s, and I will gladly buy me a 3D TV to get new experiences at home. When the next big thing in the TV technology hits, guess what? I will buy that too!

    I kind of feel a little sorry for you guys who really wants this, but dont have the money for it.

  53. avatar Anonymous

    Mmmm, wonder if the sister from spykids is all grown up yet?

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