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Even I couldn’t have predicted this one. On a Rush exclusive game? Sure. On a basic entry? Not at all. Still, if Neversoft truly is going for the epic classics it really doesn’t get much more epic than 2112.

According to this news post from AltSounds Rush’s 1976 progressive rock epic 2112, which consist of 7 fully featured suites, will be making it’s way onto the disc of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

If I were a skeptic I would assume it was a typo and meant Guitar Hero 5 DLC as the post does read “Guitar Hero 6,” not Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. However it does specify the game as releasing “this autumn.” So it looks like we can expect a near 21 minute epic for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock this fall.

How’s this going to work? Well arguably it could get broken up into suites (the longest suite is only 4:33) but my money is on Neversoft going all out. Remember we did get Peter Frampton’s live version of Do You Feel Like We Do? which was almost 14 minutes long last year in Guitar Hero 5.

If you want to hear it here’s part 1, 2, and 3 via YouTube.

  1. avatar Randy

    This is going to be amazing

  2. avatar EveryNerveAware

    Excellent choice for Guitar Hero, will be incredible to play the entire song.

  3. avatar Sean

    They just need to do a guitar hero/rockband Rush and get it overwith. They have 24 albums…I mean Green Day has 4 and they have a game dedicated to themselves.


    • avatar Justin

      Rush should get a rock band. i don’t think it would be a bad idea since that Beatles was a flop and so was green day. so what the hell, go for it

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  5. avatar where can i download the guitar hero 6 version to listen to?


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