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In a rather random turn of events, the iPhone version of Robot Unicorn Attack is now officially available on iTunes for $2.99, basically launching in the middle of the night. I literally bought it the minute it hit the market, and I’ve been enjoying it up until I took the time to make this post.

RUA started off as a simple flash game, in the vein of the already successful Canabalt, and quickly turned into so much more – let’s just say it involves T-Shirts, 22 million plays, this epically ludicrous song, and highly unsafe for work furry fanfiction (the best kind).

Buy it here, or play the free online Flash version here!

  1. Heard this was coming, thanks for the heads up — downloading NAO!

  2. OMFGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Goodbye small piece of normal life I still retained…

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  4. Yeah that last comment was by me but I for got to log in

  5. Wow, that game is ridiculous and Amazing!

  6. avatar Robert

    Posted on katw0man: Your posts cracked me up! Here’s wchahta do with ugly-as-sin soap:*Label it as such and pretend you MEANT it to be like that! Like Ugly as Sin Soap: Because the World Can Get Really Dirty! or something like that* Cut it up and let it become one with the liquid hand soap in your bathroom, a little at a time* Cut it up and sew it inside little green washcloth bags that can be hung and dried between usesHeather: This also looks a lot like miso dip. A takeoff on Notagirlymom’s great idea would be to make some washcloths that look like rice cakes. ;-) Sharon CBL’s last blog post..

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