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Smashmouth Games has partnered with the Blitz1Up initiative to bring their ambient music game Ongaku to PC and possibly other platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade soon.

Ongaku is a 2D rhythm game combining elements of Patapon and the Guitar Hero series to create a new brand of musical gameplay. Players assume the role of a crystal known as Ongaku and must paint each level by popping the colored paint bubbles in time to the musical beat. With each successful bubble popped, the world behind Ongaku comes to life in vibrant colors and shapes.

The flash version of Ongaku is available for play here, but the partnership with Blitz1Up promises to bring about several changes to the game.

To celebrate the partnership, Smashmouth Games will be releasing Ongaku with 11 new levels, all beautifully animated and containing their own music theme.

In addition, a level editor known as The Melody Maker will be released to fans, so players can import their own music, pictures, and video to create their own levels within Ongaku. The levels will be completely shareable amongst family and friends.

The Tune-O-Matic feature to be included in the final release will allow the game to auto-generate levels based on the beats of the music you import, making for interesting levels created by players.

The game will have five different difficulty settings, so players will be able to match their own expertise and play at a level that is challenging.

[Source: Press Release]

  1. You had me at Patapon.

  2. Since I’ve discovered beat hazard, I’ve been absolutely infatuated with rhythm games. I’m looking forward to this. Also, a little factoid – Ongaku means Music in Japanese.

  3. avatar Agro

    I hate it when games fail to recognise the strengths of the platform they are creating their game for. If you wish to bring a game to the PC, use the mouse and the WASD+Space keys. This is why console to PC games fail.

    • avatar Tajni

      @soccer8595 You didn’t elaborate your point thlruoghoy. I didn’t argue that baseball wasn’t. And despite such superior physical athleticism in soccer players, they are so frequently crippled by lightly brushing by an opponent (specifically). A light tap to the arm and suddenly both players that connected are on the ground reeling in agony until a judgement is made by the ref, after which divine healing powers bring them back to the game. An odd weakness for such renown physical athleticism.

  4. avatar Zuby SMG MD

    Hi Agro,

    Just wanted to clear up a point you raised. The new version of the game lets you play using:

    1. keyboard and mouse
    2. just keyboard
    3. and with a windows compatible gamepad

    Hope that Ongaku now appeals to you…

  5. avatar SebSMG

    The Demo for SmashMouth Games latest title, Ongaku, is now live and ready for download!!!

    Head on over to to download and to be in with a chance to win a free copy of the game…

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