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[Update: in a brand new press release by Square Enix, they have confirmed Kingdom Hearts re:Coded - which is a remake of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts coded.]

After a quick interview with Game Informer, it was revealed that Tetsuya Nomura (Kingdom Hearts series Director) would release information on a brand new Kingdom Hearts game in addition to the upcoming PSP title Birth By Sleep.

Color me excited. I’ve been a huge fan of the series since Kingdom Hearts I, and even though Chain of Memories was a bit of a letdown, every other game has been more than serviceable. I really hope for Square Enix’s sake that it is Kingdom Hearts III, though: I don’t know how much longer than can coast on the fumes of all the spinoffs they’ve put out. Expect coverage of not only the new game, but my upcoming Birth By Sleep preview as well!

  1. The time’s right for KH3. We’ve had a PS2 re-release, a DS game, and a PSP game. You owe us this, Mr. Nomura!

    • I’m kind of at a loss here.

    • avatar Santiago

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  2. avatar Boss

    Keep it cimong, writers, this is good stuff.

  3. avatar Elora

    I have been so bewilreded in the past but now it all makes sense!

    • avatar Maria

      No, there is NO WAY to play PS3 games on a PS2 mainly becasue of the fact that PS3 game discs are Blu-Ray, a product made by Sony, and the PS3 plays Blu-Ray. PS2 can only play regular old DVD-ROM discs, like the ones you can buy at any store to burn music onto it. There is NO products that will allow you to play PS3 games on the PS2. But you can play PS2 games on a PS3. If you REALLY REALLY want Kingdom Hearts 3, get a Playstation 3.

  4. avatar Kim Furrer

    Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the FA Cup.

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