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This year is going to be great for indie games, and when you combine that with cute, what you end up with is ilomilo. This Swedish platform puzzler rivals Little Big Planet in its cuteness and yet I still have no idea what the gameplay is like other than using two cute characters to move blocks back and forth.

The summer trailer helps to alleviate some of the mystery around the game, giving us a glimpse at the “ilomilo shuffle” which reminds me of the old tile shufflers in which you move tiles around to solve a puzzle. Still, the healthy heap of adorable Southend Interactive is piling on is making ilomilo a must try title for Xbox LIVE later this year.

  1. This almost looks *too* much like Little Big Planet.

  2. Sort of looks like certain Mario Galaxy levels

  3. Since I can’t pronounce that name, I’m just gonna call this Little Big Galaxy 2.

  4. I’m going to call it the cutest game ever!

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