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In the week’s eve prior to E3, nearly every developer on the planet is coming out of the wood work to release their line of titles.  While some will easily pass under many gamers’ radars, there are some you ought to keep an eye out.

Recently announced, developer Natsume will be unveiling a series of titles, and while they fall on the family-oriented / casual side of life, they should add a nice boom to the DS’s repertoire.  Come to think of it, their whole line up are DS titles.

According to Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume, the Lufia series will see a new installment along with new entries into the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series.

“We can’t wait to show off some of the key titles in our 2010 lineup at this year’s E3,We have eagerly-anticipated new entries in the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series, a fun-filled new rhythm adventure game, and the triumphant return of the Lufia series!”

Also among Natsume’s titles is a new rhythm game called Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. Gabrielle’s soul has left her body through a violent sneeze and the only way she can get it back is if she travels to Monster Town and busts a move.  I’m looking to have a ghastly good time with that one.

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